Tuesday Morning News

apps_for_red_largeAs part of Apple’s continuing contributions to AIDS research, the company has kicked off a global campaign encompassing both Apple Retail, Online, and even the App Store. From now until December 7, purchases of apps or in-app purchases part of the Apps for (RED) campaign will contribute to the Global Fund to fight AIDS. On December 1st, World AIDS Day, Apple will be donating a portion of all sales at its Retail and Online stores towards the Global Fund. There’s a press release on Apple’s website.

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Thursday Morning News

collection_01_largeIn the App Store, “Free” is now “Get”, thanks to a plethora of free apps offering in-app purchases. The recent change to the App Store doesn’t differentiate between free apps that offer in-app purchases and those that don’t, instead preferring to label all free apps with Get. It’s a minor language change in the grand scheme of things, but may turn out to be fairly important when it comes to people downloading apps for “free”.

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Wednesday Morning News

B2tnFOzCQAAURFWA rare bit of Australian-related Apple news, this morning, as Path Talk launches in Australia alongside the UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. Just when you thought the social network by a guy with popped collars and day and night phones was all but dead, Path Talk revives the name by providing businesses with a way to communicate with each other. For those unsure about what it all means, you can ask questions via text to local businesses in your area and get personalised responses back — no calling to wait on hold, no need to figure out if they have a social media presence on Twitter or Facebook. It’s kinda cool.

Apple has released the WatchKit SDK for developers to start diving into the world of Apple Watch apps, even though we’re still not sure how much Apple Watch units will actually cost (or when they’ll be released, for that matter). Even so, even the most expensive watches in the world will need apps created for them, and you can bet that people will be willing to pay good money for quality apps, right? Actually, scratch that.

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Quick Review: Framed

Screenshot-1The first time I heard of Framed was early last year, when it was just a game under development by Australian-based Loveshack Entertainment, a company by three designers and developers from Firemonkeys who had decided they wanted to do their own thing. The first time I played the game was at the inaugural PAX Australia, and from that point on, I knew Framed was something pretty special.

The premise of Framed is simple. The game presents you with a particular scene — presented not unlike a page from a comic book, with multiple panels — in which your character is expected to escape and progress to the next scene. You’ll run into policemen, armed with pistols and the ability to stop you in your tracks. By re-arranging panels in the scene, you can change the order of events — this lets you sneak past policemen, take them out with a quick swing of your briefcase, or at one point, a disguise.

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Monday Morning News

disney-infinity-mobile-2-0-ipadNew research data from customers in the US says US consumers favour the iPhone 6 over the 6 Plus in a ratio of about 3:1, putting to rest the debate regarding which model of Apple’s latest iPhone is the most popular. I continue to doubt whether Apple will release sales/activation numbers by iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, so this is about as good as it gets in terms of the split. The data also claims 91% of iPhone owners bought the new iPhone.

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Friday Morning News

rapkey-recovered_2xA report from DigiTimes claims Apple are beginning to ramp up production of the Apple Watch, ahead of its early 2015 launch. According to its sources, between 30 and 40 million units of the Apple Watch have been ordered, putting the likely launch window sometime in February. A topic in our forums asks about the possibility of a US-only launch for the Apple Watch, but I’m not so sure — the last time Apple launched a physical product in a single country was the iPhone, and that was back in 2007.

Meanwhile, the “iPad Pro” has been pushed back amidst manufacturing difficulties, which analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cites as component yield rates for the oxide panel used in the larger, 12.9-inch, display. MacRumors notes the potential iPad Pro release date is now “up in their air”, which is perhaps too subtle of a dig that you should be getting the iPad Air 2 instead, because that’s a damn fine tablet.

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