Monday Morning News


Thanks for dropping by – I’ll be filling in for Benny while he’s on a well-deserved break. On to the news…

The major Apple news over the weekend was Brian Chen’s article in  the New York Times, detailing some inside info from the development of the Apple Watch. The project, code-named Gizmo, was delayed a bit due to key staff jumping ship for Nest, and there is also an unannounced Power Reserve feature that will still provide the time when the battery is almost exhausted.

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Good Reads for February, 2015

Although I’m not actually here, I still though it’d be nice to schedule my end-of-month Good Reads post. Because I really enjoyed reading some of these Apple-related pieces from the blogosphere this month, and thought you would too — bring your own Instapaper account, because this is Good Reads.

  • Depending on what parts of the Apple blogosphere you’ve been reading this month, you’ve probably come across something or other that says music sales are declining. And since the iTunes Store is the largest music vendor in the world, sooner or later, that’s going to affect Apple’s bottom line. So how does Apple beat the likes of Spotify and other streaming services? Fast Company says one possibility is making a streaming service of its own.

In hindsight, iTunes Radio now looks like a piece of Apple’s new music plan that just happened to come first—but it was always meant as a supplement to an on-demand service. In the future, instead of iTunes Radio offering a download button next to each track that plays, it could be a button offering access to all of this artist’s discography instantly.

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Thursday Morning News

swapping_hardware_largeTalking to Apple Store employees in Berlin, Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the Apple Watch will be water resistant, capable of withstanding a shower or a little rainfall. Cook also revealed he charges his Apple Watch every night, confirming earlier reports about day-long battery life for Apple’s wearable. As for Apple Pay rolling out in Europe, the only thing Cook had to say about that was that Apple were looking at a “sometime before the end of the year” timeframe.

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All In With Day One and One Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday-1I’ve never really been into making New Year’s resolutions. Much like Valentine’s Day or other internationally-recognised special holidays, I figured if I was ever going to embark on a journey of self-improvement (or bestow gifts upon my loved ones or that special friend), I was going to do it for no particular reason, “just because”. Sure, Christmas and birthdays are always nice reminders, but special occasions don’t preclude being nice to people the rest of the time. New Year’s resolutions, I told myself, were for those that liked to make hilarious jokes about what resolution their computer monitor was (mine is 3840×2160, thanks for asking), or for those that needed the extra motivation of a new year to change an aspect of their lives.

That all changed last year, when I told myself I’d eat less fast food. Depending on who you ask, “fast food” can have a pretty broad definition, but giving up McDonalds and KFC seemed like a good baseline, and the beginning of 2014 seemed like a good a time as any to start. Over the past year, I can count the number of times I’ve eaten Maccas or KFC on one hand — hardly impressive, I know, but goals work better if they’re both realistic and achievable. Besides, I’m new to the whole “New Year’s resolution” thing, remember? Small steps.

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Tuesday Morning News

iPhone-6c-Concept-1-800x480A press release from Apple says they’re planning to build even more data centers. Located in Europe this time instead of the US, Apple will spend $2 billion on two European data centers running on 100% renewable energy, although it’s not specified whether this will be purely solar or a combination of sustainable energy models. The Verge reports both data centers will be used to power Apple’s vast array of online services.

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