AppleTalk. Previously a proprietary suite of networking protocols from Apple, now a place for Apple enthusiasts to chat about anything related to Apple. Like the AppleTalk of old, AppleTalk Australia is designed to be plug and play.

While there’s no denying where we’ve come from, it’s equally as important to look towards the future and the opportunities it presents. We’ll be the editors of our own fates, so to speak — we’ll triumph and be successful as much as we’ll make, and be held accountable for, our own mistakes. Importantly, we’ll be doing all this with you, our readers.

There are a few things I’d like to point out from the get-go:

  • We’re community focused. I cannot stress this enough: the community will always come first. We promise to be open and transparent about everything as much as possible, so if you want to know, just ask.
  • All of us (Toby, Bart, and myself) have made a commitment to this for the long haul. None of us are in this to make a quick buck, with the intent of turning it over after a year.
  • While the realities of running a website and paying contributors don’t escape us, we have plans in place to make ends meet that don’t involve selling your email address or anything unscrupulous. We’ll explore sponsorship options, consider running ads, and if it comes down to it, fund the whole operation out of our own pockets (which is what we’re doing at the moment).

So, this is us. A new name, a new front page, a new discussion platform. A fresh start in many respects, and a clean slate in every other. We’ll still be covering all things Apple, Mac, and iOS, and we’ll do so from that unique Australian perspective you’ve come to know and enjoy. For starters, we’ll be taking it slow with a daily news summary from the world of Apple from yours truly. Over time, we’ll add reviews, how-tos, and editorials into the mix, and we’ll see where things go from there.

For now, click around, jump in the shiny new forums, and let us know what you think. Send us email: We’re on Twitter (@appletalk_au), if that’s your thing, or you can subscribe to our RSS feed.

I’m glad you could make it, and I’ll see you in the forums very soon.

Benny (@bdyling), Bart (@dev_enter), and Toby (@tcn33).