All In With Day One and One Second Everyday

1 Second Everyday-1I’ve never really been into making New Year’s resolutions. Much like Valentine’s Day or other internationally-recognised special holidays, I figured if I was ever going to embark on a journey of self-improvement (or bestow gifts upon my loved ones or that special friend), I was going to do it for no particular reason, “just because”. Sure, Christmas and birthdays are always nice reminders, but special occasions don’t preclude being nice to people the rest of the time. New Year’s resolutions, I told myself, were for those that liked to make hilarious jokes about what resolution their computer monitor was (mine is 3840×2160, thanks for asking), or for those that needed the extra motivation of a new year to change an aspect of their lives.

That all changed last year, when I told myself I’d eat less fast food. Depending on who you ask, “fast food” can have a pretty broad definition, but giving up McDonalds and KFC seemed like a good baseline, and the beginning of 2014 seemed like a good a time as any to start. Over the past year, I can count the number of times I’ve eaten Maccas or KFC on one hand — hardly impressive, I know, but goals work better if they’re both realistic and achievable. Besides, I’m new to the whole “New Year’s resolution” thing, remember? Small steps.

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Quick Review: The Wolf Among Us

TheWolfAmongUs 2014-07-16 15-39-28-59It’s easy to describe The Wolf Among Us, especially if you’ve played previous games by developers Telltale Games. Topping that list is The Walking Dead, a game which brought episodic content to the masses, although it was far from the first title to do so. The Wolf Among Us follows the same cell-shaded, episodic content interlaced with quick-time events formula that The Walking Dead brought to the table, and even though it’s a very different game from The Walking Dead, the core gameplay elements remain the same.

In The Wolf Among Us, you play Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf of fictional Fabletown. You’re introduced as the Sheriff, the one that keeps the peace, and puts the Fables in order when they step out of line. Right from the get go, it’s immediately clear you’ve got something of a reputation among the folk of Fabletown, who themselves blur the line between fairytale and cold, harsh reality.

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Review: Captured — Screen Capture Sharing for Mac

A review from the perspective of a long-time Skitch user


A few weeks back I found myself looking for the ideal app for sharing screenshots, both on the web and elsewhere. I’ve been an Old SkitchTM holdout ever since they went and Evernote-d up the newer versions, and while I hear the new Skitch now has feature parity with the older versions, you’re still forced to share screenshots via Evernote’s own service, and not your own. That makes sense as Evernote now owns Skitch, but a small incompatibility with Retina displays meant it was time to go looking elsewhere.

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