Quick Review: Schatzii Smart Cloth

IMAG0099For a guy that writes about Apple stuff every day, I sure don’t buy a lot of stuff from Apple. But every so often, I’ll have a look around on the Apple Online Store, just to keep myself in the loop. I find the list of exclusives particularly exhilarating. Sure, most of the time you can get the products elsewhere, but often the Apple Online Store offers exclusive colour options, such as the snazzy-looking rainbow UE Boom from Logitech. The exclusives list really has it all, seeing as there’s everything from the mundane (cases, cable organisers), to more exciting accessories, such as the Stratus wireless gaming controllers or Sphero 2.0. The Schatzii Smart Cloth, I’m pretty sure, fall into the latter category.

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Review: Captured — Screen Capture Sharing for Mac

A review from the perspective of a long-time Skitch user


A few weeks back I found myself looking for the ideal app for sharing screenshots, both on the web and elsewhere. I’ve been an Old SkitchTM holdout ever since they went and Evernote-d up the newer versions, and while I hear the new Skitch now has feature parity with the older versions, you’re still forced to share screenshots via Evernote’s own service, and not your own. That makes sense as Evernote now owns Skitch, but a small incompatibility with Retina displays meant it was time to go looking elsewhere.

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Quick Review: Birdbrain — Statistics for Twitter

Birdbrain iconI know what you’re thinking. There’s a certain sense of vanity or narcissism that comes with the territory of using an app to track Twitter statistics, and while Birdbrain can be used for those purposes, I use it mostly out of curiosity rather than anything else. At its core, Birdbrain is an app for tracking Twitter statistics. It’s been around for a while now, and while it hasn’t always been the fastest app to get updates, the recent update redesigned for iOS 7 is worth looking at.

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