Review: Jaybird Freedom

Headphone cords are one of those things you don’t generally think about. At least, not until they get inexplicably tangled in your pocket, leading to you spending a few minutes unravelling a knot more twisted than the plot of any Game of Thrones novel. Or what about when the cord on your headphones snags on a passing object, yanking your earbuds out of your ears? And for us in-ear headphone users, what about when the cord brushes against your clothes, making that annoying rustling sound in your ears? What I’m saying is, there’s probably a reason Jaybird named their newest wireless earbuds the Freedom.

The Jaybird Freedom are a US$199 Bluetooth-powered set of wireless buds. They’re available in four different colour combinations, each with a tasteful accent to highlight the mostly-metal design, although my pick would be the black or white versions. Jaybird says they’re sweat-proof, and judging from the rest of the marketing material on the Jaybird website, they’re aimed at people who live an active lifestyle, people that would enjoy taking their headphones out for a run or a ride. To that end, Jaybird appears to have made every effort to optimise the Freedom for those scenarios.

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Review: Bose Soundlink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II

If your commute involves public transport, you probably don’t realise how much time you spend moving cords out of the way or having headphones yanked off your head. I certainly didn’t until I tried out Bose’s new Bluetooth headphones, and now I think I’ve been spoiled for wired headphones forever.

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Review: Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

12S_HiRiseAppleWatch_Family_HiResStands for the Apple Watch are a category that’s gone from 0-100 in a hurry – for a while there, it seemed like there was a new Kickstarter every week for a revolutionary new take. But I was waiting for one thing: to see what Twelve South would do. They didn’t disappoint. 

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Review: BookBook for iPhone 6 Plus

When it comes to wallets, I am an avowed back pocket, right side guy. I’ve been trying to keep it pretty minimal though, so the BookBook series has always been on my radar – but the idea of holding my wallet up to my face to take a call has kept me back. Not anymore.

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Quick Review: Framed

Screenshot-1The first time I heard of Framed was early last year, when it was just a game under development by Australian-based Loveshack Entertainment, a company by three designers and developers from Firemonkeys who had decided they wanted to do their own thing. The first time I played the game was at the inaugural PAX Australia, and from that point on, I knew Framed was something pretty special.

The premise of Framed is simple. The game presents you with a particular scene — presented not unlike a page from a comic book, with multiple panels — in which your character is expected to escape and progress to the next scene. You’ll run into policemen, armed with pistols and the ability to stop you in your tracks. By re-arranging panels in the scene, you can change the order of events — this lets you sneak past policemen, take them out with a quick swing of your briefcase, or at one point, a disguise.

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Quick Review: The Wolf Among Us

TheWolfAmongUs 2014-07-16 15-39-28-59It’s easy to describe The Wolf Among Us, especially if you’ve played previous games by developers Telltale Games. Topping that list is The Walking Dead, a game which brought episodic content to the masses, although it was far from the first title to do so. The Wolf Among Us follows the same cell-shaded, episodic content interlaced with quick-time events formula that The Walking Dead brought to the table, and even though it’s a very different game from The Walking Dead, the core gameplay elements remain the same.

In The Wolf Among Us, you play Bigby Wolf, the big bad wolf of fictional Fabletown. You’re introduced as the Sheriff, the one that keeps the peace, and puts the Fables in order when they step out of line. Right from the get go, it’s immediately clear you’ve got something of a reputation among the folk of Fabletown, who themselves blur the line between fairytale and cold, harsh reality.

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iPhone 6 Review: The Goldilocks of iPhones

When Phil Schiller stepped on stage and showed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to the world, I was ready. I had been using an Android smartphone for the past few months, and while it wasn’t downright horrible, I missed a lot of the iOS experience: the apps, the simplicity, and all the new features coming as part of iOS 8. An iPhone with a slightly larger screen than previous iPhones was exactly what was rumoured, announced, and now, it’s my favourite iPhone, ever. This is AppleTalk’s review of the iPhone 6.

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