Tuesday Morning News

Just like that, Apple has patched a security vulnerability that allowed the jailbreaking of devices running the latest version of iOS. The iOS 12.4.1 update resolves a kernel vulnerability that allowed apps to execute code with escalated privileges, that somehow became un-patched with the iOS 12.4 release despite being fixed in iOS 12.3. Corresponding updates tvOS 12.4.1, watchOS 5.3.1, and macOS Mojave 10.14.6 supplemental update goes along with this morning’s iOS update, although the release notes for those versions make no mention of any such security issue.

The Information says Apple has shelved an idea that would have allowed iPhones to send and receive text messages over unused 900MHz spectrum, even when they had no signal from a regular mobile tower. The Off Grid Radio Service tech being worked on by Apple and Intel would have allowed iPhones to communicate in cases where no reception was available, which seems like a useful enough tech for scenarios when you’re in the bush. Unfortunately, Apple’s internal champion for the project left the company earlier this year, which is why the project is now shelved.

Code in the macOS Catalina beta reveal that AppleTV+ will support downloads for offline viewing of video content, with multiple simultaneous streams possible. Each of these features will be limited in some way, whether that’s a limited number of downloads at any one time, limiting downloads to a specific number of shows or episodes at a time, or otherwise. Apple has confirmed any of this officially, and likely won’t until AppleTV+ launches later this year, so we’ll have to wait and see.

A report from CNBC tells us about the internal challenges faced by the Apple Health team. The piece focuses on recent high-profile departures from the Apple Health team, which they attribute to both changing leadership and differing opinions on direction. I can see where the Apple Health team is coming from: imagine being on a team that has already had an incredible impact on healthcare, but being infinitely frustrated as leadership tells you to work on something other than what you think has the most potential for impact on the industry.

TechCrunch tells us how Porsche’s Taycan, an upcoming all-electric sports car, will feature a standalone Apple Music app in its infotainment system. While CarPlay will be supported by the Taycan, the standalone Apple Music app will allow Porsche owners to link their Porsche ID to an Apple ID to simplify sign-in, with in-car internet also provided by Porsche for a limited time after car purchase.

Apple, along with 180 other companies, has signed an agreement redefining what it means to be a corporation. Business Roundtable says that while corporations have traditionally served the best interest of their shareholders, that doesn’t accurately describe the ways companies and CEOs continually create value for all shareholders. Now, it seems to be more about delivering value, investing in employees, dealing with suppliers, supporting communities, and generating long-term value for shareholders. It’s nothing too crazy, but does show that these companies acknowledge they’re more than just money-making machines.

The problem with HomePods is that they’re expensive, don’t have a clear use, both doesn’t sound good and has far too advanced technology for how it does sound, and many aspects of the design aren’t optimised for the listening experience. While some of these perceived flaws could be fixed by a cheaper HomePod, Apple should really scrap the whole idea and give it a redesign before the HomePod will be worth buying.

NetNewsWire 5.0 is now available as a free RSS reader for your Mac. It syncs with Feedbin to start off with, and while it may not have your favourite feature to begin with, the priority has been speed and stability over extraneous features. MacStories has a review, otherwise you can download it and give it a spin.

Tapbots has released an update for Pastebot, which now works with macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode. The fully-featured clipboard manager lets you be more productive by storing your clipboard history, allowing you to recall it on-demand or see what you’ve copied so you can come back to it later.

Apple will be opening its Marunouchi location in Japan next weekend, and they have released a cool video and wallpapers to celebrate the occasion.

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