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Leaked photos of what’s purported to be the logic board for one of this year’s iPhones show off a rectangular logic board design. While that makes it more likely to be the iPhone XR successor’s logic board, that’s not saying that Apple could redesign the XS and XS Max successors to have rectangular-shaped logic boards. There’s a different layout of chips and circuitry compared to current logic board designs, but that’s about all we can glean from the shots.

The second public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS has been released to members of Apple’s public beta program. The new beta arrives alongside a revised third beta for developers, with today’s developer build bearing a new build number over the version that was released last week, although it’s unclear what changes are contained in this release that weren’t present last week. Either way, you can visit the Software Update section in Settings to update.

As part of the iOS 13 beta, Apple is testing a new method of signing into its iCloud website using your Apple ID. Devices with Face ID or Touch ID and iOS 13, iPadOS, or macOS Catalina installed will be greeted with one of those ways to sign into your Apple ID, bringing biometric sign in to iCloud for the first time. MacRumors says it’s likely that Apple are testing these additional authentication methods as part of the Sign In with Apple launch.

In an interview with CNBC, author of the Steve Jobs biography Walter Isaacson says that he softened certain quotes from Jobs, and removed others that he felt weren’t relevant to the reader. In particular, Isaacson says he removed quotes from Jobs saying that Tim Cook was not a product person, which is where a lot of criticism of Apple has since originated from, with some even going so far as to attribute whatever failings of Apple to Cook and the fact that he’s not a product person.

But Bill Gates says that Steve Jobs was a wizard, casting spells to mesmerise people and save the company he founded. In a recent interview with CNN, Gates says that he has yet to meet any person who could rival Jobs’ ability to pick talent, hyper-motivate that talent, and have a design sense that was able to tell what was good, and what was not. While Gates admits that many leaders imitate Jobs’ less-appealing tendencies, he says that there were a lot of good qualities that came with that toughness.

One of the things that iOS 13 will bring is the ability to read generic NFC tags. Coupled with the new ability to create and use HomeKit actions within the Shortcuts app, this means that you can use strategically-placed NFC tags around your home to perform specific actions on your HomeKit accessories when tapping your device. AppleInsider shows you how.

There are some pretty cool Apple Watch stands out there, and now the Elago W6 stand is another one to add to that list. Featuring a design that makes your Apple Watch look like an iPod classic, the W6 has a slot-in design that will work with any strap, and a spot to hold the Apple Watch’s charging puck.

VersionMuseum has collected 17 years of Mac OS Classic screenshots, starting from Macintosh OS System 1 all the way through to Mac OS System 9. Their collection has been collated from a variety of sources around the web — it would have been slightly cooler if they had their own screenshots, but this is the next best thing.

For the tenth anniversary of the App Store, Apple has brought back Texas Hold’em, their first and only iOS game based on the original designed for click-wheel iPods, back in the day. Texas Hold’em disappeared from the App Store in 2011, and stopped working with, if I recall correctly, the iOS versions that broke compatibility with 32-bit apps. But it’s back, complete with updated graphics, new gameplay, and more.

Apple’s latest TV ad is Nap, a short and sweet spot showing how Face ID is even easier than Touch ID. It’s a super chill ad.

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