Tuesday Morning News

Details have been shared with 9to5Mac regarding what may be included in this year’s version of iOS. According to their sources, iOS 13 will include a system-wide dark mode, and multitude of multitasking improvements on the iPad, including the ability for apps to have multiple windows. There will be a new undo gesture that won’t require physically shaking your device, as well as better detection for when websites continue serving up mobile-optimised versions, even when you’re on a larger screen like the iPad. Last but not least, there’s also a new volume HUD which will be great for everyone that’s ever adjusted the volume while a video is playing.

Some publishers have aired some of the early headaches plaguing their Apple News+ launch, saying that Apple has been favouring bigger players and shutting out smaller publishers. Publishers claimed that Apple would provide templates and other resources to help customise content for the Apple News format, but larger publications have been invited to a private Slack channel to communicate with Apple in a more direct format. There’s also concerns about the split between PDF-based and Apple News format formats, which provide different user experiences when it comes to reading on various devices.

Not that any of that is particularly new. An earlier review of Apple News+ from The Verge said that while there were minor issues a week after the launch, none were show-stoppers that prevented anyone from reading any of the magazines from Apple’s all-you-can-eat buffet. As long as you’re not looking for actual news, which Apple News+ seems to be somewhat light on, then there’s plenty of reasons to subscribe to the Netflix for magazines — how many reasons depends on how many magazines you want to be reading.

A TechCrunch piece from late last month tells us how Apple Card works. None of it is particularly innovative, or even new, as you can get many of the same advantages from some, maybe even most, Australian banks today. It really highlights how the Apple Card is designed to solve some of the problems associated with the US banking industry — problems that Australia just doesn’t have.

Ikea’s Tradfri range of smart home accessories are now available in Australia, with a variety of lights, motion sensors, and remote controls available both in-store and online. You’ll need a Tradfri gateway if you want to integrate with Apple’s HomeKit or Google Home, but they’re hard to go past if you’re looking for an affordable way to get some smart home accessories into your life.

Hope King from Cheddar gives us an inside look at what it’s like to cover an event at the Steve Jobs Theater. (Why yes, I am getting rid of some old tabs, how did you know?) There’s heaps of photos showing off the grandeur of the place, as well as some of the more interesting aspects about the Steve Jobs Theater – I had no idea the sides of the theater could be projected onto, or that there was a media riser for everyone to do their spots live from the theater itself.

Bare Bones software gives us some FAQs for those looking to purchase BBEdit from the Mac App Store. Now that Apple is starting to be a little more lenient when it comes to allowing App Store apps to do certain things on the Mac, as well as allowing for more sustainable business models (read: subscriptions), apps like BBEdit can function exactly the same as their non-Mac App Store counterparts.

Earlier this month Rolando Royal Edition was released onto the iOS App Store, complete with a fresh coat of paint and upgraded graphics pretty much everywhere. MacStories says Rolando fans won’t be disappointed, so if you’re looking for a nice bit of App Store gaming nostalgia, pick it up for $4.49 from the Australian App Store.

All iPad 2 models will be added to Apple’s list of vintage and obsolete products on April 30, so if for some insane reason you still have one of these collecting dust and want to get it fixed before passing it onto someone (or putting it into storage for good), then you may want to get to an Apple Store by then to make sure you can still get it repaired.

Apple’s marketing team has been working overtime lately, as it seems there are new promo videos every other day. Today’s videos highlight iPad Pro productivity, and five different ways you can use the iPad to start your business, make a video, plan your wedding, make music, or travel.

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