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The internet is up in arms over the fact the Netflix iOS app no longer supports AirPlay. Netflix confirmed the feature’s removal over the weekend, saying "technical limitations" now prevent iOS devices from streaming video to Apple TV, despite the feature being available since 2013 and working well up until last weekend. A further explanation from Netflix says that the change was due to them not being able to get information on the kind of device Netflix video was being shown on, as more and more devices become AirPlay compatible, but that seems like more of an excuse than an actual reason.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with a smorgasbord of rumours that have slightly longer timelines than originally claimed. Kuo says an all-new 15-17 inch MacBook Pro is expected to launch in the first half of 2021. There’s also going to be a new 10-12 inch iPad towards early 2021, although Apple’s professional-level 31.6-inch 6K display is still expected towards the end of the year. The MacBook Pro is still expected to have an all-new design, and the 6K Apple display is expected to be an LCD model with mini-LED backlighting.

Rumour has it Apple has between 1,000 and 2,000 employees working on modem chips for future iPhones. That seems like a lot, but given the importance of the iPhone going to market in the next few years with a 5G-compatible chip on board, it’s not outlandish, although Fast Company says we won’t see an Apple-manufactured modem in iPhones until at least 2021, despite Apple’s relationship with Intel becoming "increasingly strained".

Apple’s modem situation is only made worse due to a lack of suitable partners for 5G chips. Qualcomm is the current industry leader in cellular modems, but Apple can’t partner with them for obvious reasons even though Qualcomm has said they are open to working with Apple on the issue. And Engadget reports Huawei is also willing to sell its own 5G chips, but only to Apple — which has problems of its own, given purported links between Huawei and the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, other iPhone rumours say new iPhones this year will have triple-lens camera setups, which we’ve already heard before, and come in both 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch models, which is new. There’s also a rumour that says these devices will be slightly thinner to accomodate the new camera setup, which will have the largest camera bump yet.

A concept imagining this year’s iPhones takes its cues from the USB-C iPad Pro, with the same straight-edged design and an oblong-shaped camera flash that rings the lenses. It looks very similar to what would happen if you took the iPhone X/XS design and put it in an iPhone 4-like chassis.

A patent from Apple says it’s possible future devices will be better protected against scratches and drops, all thanks to a protective coating applied to the outside of the device. It’s unclear whether this is already something Apple are doing to their devices, but given Apple’s penchant for glass-sandwiched devices, more durability is always going to be better.

A different patent suggests future Macs will use an enclosure that can swell to increase airflow and decrease temperatures around hot components. I’m not sure how practical a dynamically deforming device would be, but the idea is sound enough — having devices swell, even just a little, might be enough to cool down hot components enough to get them back to normal operating temperatures.

Of course, none of that helps your Mac today. The best thing you can do to reduce operating temps of your current laptop is to remove and re-apply the thermal paste. Although you will void your warranty in doing so, the benefits of lower operating temps and a system that can feel faster as a result may be worth the voided warranty, especially on a Mac that may already be out of warranty by a few years.

Two college students in Oregon scammed Apple just shy of US $1 million by exploiting the company’s return policy. Without verifying proof of purchase, Apple granted 1,493 replacement devices for the fakes that were presented by the duo, with the students claiming that the faulty devices did not power on. This seems like more of a breakdown in Apple’s repair process than anything else.

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