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Apple has announced dates for this year’s iteration of its Worldwide Developers Conference 2019, and there’s nothing too wild here. WWDC 2019 will take place from June 3-7 in San Jose, California, with sessions, labs, consultations, special events, ticket lottery, and scholarships that were available last year. Developers have now until March 20 to register for the ticket lottery, and the announcement also means we’ll have a keynote to look forward to in early June.

A new Apple press release says the company is expanding coding initiatives in Singapore and Indonesia. New Swift development courses in a number of educational institutions in Singapore, all based on Apple’s own App Development with Swift course, allow students to earn real recognition for their Swift learning. There’s also the opening of the second Developer Academy in Surabaya, Indonesia, allowing for additional opportunities for those looking to learn how to code.

Digitimes says Apple’s supply chain is gearing up for the mass-production of components destined for Apple’s new AirPods and iPads. The news follows previous rumours that said Apple may launch new products at its March 25th event, which is where the company will also launch its news and video subscription services.

The latest macOS Mojave beta of 10.14.4 hints at Apple’s upcoming news subscription service, with notifications alerting users of new issues of magazines are available. MacRumors reports similar subscription notifications have also been seen in iOS 12.2, with Apple News Magazines bearing a striking similarity to the ones offered by Texture, the digital magazine subscription company Apple acquired last year.

One analyst claims that Apple may eventually offer a kind of health subscription via the data collected by the Apple Watch and AirPods. It seems a little far-fetched, although isn’t completely outside the bounds of reality — would Apple really put a price on your own health data, giving you access to insights for a set price per month? Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that Apple’s biggest impact on humanity will be in the health space, but I can’t help but feel that this would be the wrong way to go about it.

Then again, we’re talking about the company that has reportedly tried to pay Today at Apple presenters with Apple products instead of cash. Claims have surfaced of artists not being paid in cash by Apple for their Apple Store appearances, with Apple instead offering payment in the form of Apple products. It’s slightly better than paying people in exposure, but not much better, and it seems kind of greedy for Apple to expect artists to teach people things without paying them properly.

Corel has announced the return of CorelDraw to the Mac. For the first time since 2001, well before I started using Macs, the all-new CorelDraw 2019 supports all modern Mac features such as the Touch Bar, Dark Mode in macOS Mojave, and is fully a first-class Mac citizen, not an inconsistent messy port of its Windows counterpart. You can purchase CorelDraw via the Mac App Store, separately via Corel’s online store, or subscribe to Corel’s subscription service, although it’s not cheap, at a one-time cost of US $499 for the standalone product.

AppleInsider shows off the only case worthy of your iPhone. Gresso titanium cases are milled out of a single piece of titanium, look pretty great, feature an over-the-top box, and are also individually-numbered. The only thing you won’t like is the price, which comes in at just under US $600.

Rolando was one of the App Store originals, and when it first arrived on the App Store in 2008, it was hailed as one of the best iPhone games around. Now, a remastered version is set to launch on April 3, with Rolando: Royal Edition containing updated graphics, changes to level design, and new game mechanics for you to enjoy.

New iPhone tips from Apple tell us about some features that aren’t available in all markets. Apple Pay Cash isn’t available outside the US, and there are no Australian carriers that support the eSIM in the very latest iPhones. But sure, everyone else can use Find My iPhone, and there’s no denying the performance of the iPhone XS and XS Max.

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    Agreed! We cope with Apple making scads of profit but if they do go ahead with profiting from people’s health, they will lose me, for one. There are quite enough money grubbing companies doing it already.

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