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An internal Apple Store training document obtained my MacRumors claims the ECG feature of the Apple Watch Series 4 will be available once watchOS 5.1.2 is released to the public. You’ll also need iOS 12.1.1 to be able to view ECGs within the Health app, and with both watchOS 5.1.2 and iOS 12.1.1 having been in beta testing since the end of October, we should see a release by the end of the year, if Apple’s original claim on ECG availability is to be believed.

A new supply chain report says iPhone orders have been cut for the second time in as many months, with DigiTimes’ report attributing the change to weaker than expected sales of the iPhone XS and XR. This reduction in iPhone orders has been felt across Apple’s supply chain, with one supplier reducing its workforce as a result of the cuts, although it’s said that chip manufacturer TSMC has other clients picking up the slack felt from Apple’s order reductions.

John Gruber’s alternative theory is presented off the back off a Business Insider report on a Goldman Sachs analyst note. The analyst suggests Apple miscalculated on the price/feature balance of its new iPhones. While the wider tech press thinks that the iPhone XR is the one for most people to get, Gruber suggests that it’s not about how less the XR offers compared to the XS, but how much more it offers than regular iPhones. The iPhone X was a disruptive change, and the XS and XR only offer more of the same.

Apple Entrepreneur Camp is for organisations founded and led by women, with strict gender rules on who can attend the two-week technology lab offering one-on-one code-level guidance, “as well as mentorship, inspiration, and insights from top Apple leaders”. Up to three members of your company can attend, but two must be women, one of those being a developer and the other being a founder, co-founder, or CEO. While there have been grass-roots initiatives specifically targeting women before, it’s great to see one of the world’s largest companies offering women-specific camps.

Apple Pay is now available in Belgium, offered via banking conglomerate Fortis’ three banks. Apple Pay also launched in Kazakhstan, and Apple has previously announced that Apple Pay will be launching in Germany before the end of the year, as noted by 9to5Mac.

Apple has posted App Store shutdown times for this year’s Christmas period. Developers will be unable to submit new apps or updates from December 23 through to December 27 Pacific Time. While scheduled releases during that window will still go ahead, developers will need to have their build submitted, approved, and scheduled ahead of time, and all other back-end App Store tools will still be available.

AppleInsider reminds us that, like your optical cover, $39 iPhone battery replacements end December 31. That gives you just over a month to get your iPhone battery replaced for an $80 discount, after which the pricing goes back up to $119. Apple’s iPhone service pricing page has more details.

The incompatibility issue affecting iCloud for Windows and the latest Windows 10 update has been resolved with the release of iCloud for Windows version 7.8.1.

Jared Sinclair tells us about a quick iOS tip to move all of your emails from inbox to archived without having to tap every one individually. This was something I didn’t know was possible.

Fast Company laments the loss of the headphone jack two years after it was removed. Now that basically every other smartphone manufacturer has followed Apple’s lead, we’re that little bit worse off, with everyone having to choose, at some point, between charging and listening to music. Unless, of course, you’re part of some bourgeoisie elite who has purchased wireless headphones. What, do you think people are made of money, or something?

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  1. So what is a good health number? When your battery is 'currently supporting normal peak performance" it’s probably still OK, but is there any indicator on how old a device battery generally is before that happens?

    My wifes 6S had shut down and wasn’t supporting normal peak performance or whatever it actually says so we had it replaced a little while ago. My launch day 8 Plus is at 92% maximum capacity but is otherwise fine. The 6 Plus my son is using was replaced with a refurbed model with 100% battery the week before I got the 8 Plus (after the screen got touch disease).

    It’s a great reminder though to check all your eligible devices and get them fixed up on the cheap.

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