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The numbers are in for Apple’s Q3 financial results, and the company has set another record for the quarter, with US $53.3 billion in revenue and $11.5 billion in profit. In the press release, Apple CEO Tim Cook says the numbers were due to strong sales of iPhone, services, and wearables, with plenty of other great products in the pipeline.

Six Colors has the charts putting the numbers into context, although you’ll note that the iPhone continues to command over 60% of Apple’s revenue, with services falling into second place at 15%. 41.3 million iPhones, 11.5 million iPads, and 3.7 million Macs were sold during the period. The earnings call is still ongoing, so we’ll have further analysis tomorrow.

In the race to be the first-ever trillion dollar company, Apple’s financial results beat out analyst expectations and bumped the stock price a few percentage points, which in Apple terms means tens of billions of dollars. TechCrunch says it’s seems likely Apple will hit the trillion dollar mark seeing as there’s less than $50 billion to go — the only question that remains now is: will Apple get there first, or will Amazon beat them to the punch?

Rumours claim this year’s upcoming 6.5-inch Plus-sized iPhone X will feature a landscape mode that’s similar to the current Plus-sized iPhone. It’s said this device will feature a screen res of 2688×1242 at around 450ppi, with the latest Xcode and iOS simulator having an improved landscape mode for many of Apple’s built-in apps that show more information when running at that resolution.

The fourth public betas of iOS 12, tvOS 12, and macOS Mojave have been released, which means you can go and update your devices now. While we wait for the download to, uh, download, and for the update to install, AppleInsider has roundups of the changes in these betas compared to previous ones. No surprise to see that it’s mostly minor interface tweaks, with hardly anything user-facing changing on the macOS side.

With the demise of Apple’s photo-book printing service as of the end of September this year, you’ll need to look elsewhere for your photo-printing solutions. Motif is the first such contender in the space, launching their own photo layout app for the Mac alongside their photo printing service. There’s nothing about supported countries or where items ship from that I could see on their website, but maybe it will work in Australia.

Ken Segall has previously said that the innovative spirit of Steve Jobs is still alive at Apple, thanks to the values imbued by the co-founder and the brilliant people that work at Apple. Now, Segall has commented that he thinks Apple is losing its personality, with less and less to differentiate itself from every other smartphone maker, at least in the context of iPhone marketing.

While there’s no such thing as Low Power Mode on Macs, Marco Arment says there could be. It wouldn’t be too hard to implement, maybe some kind of Notification Centre toggle that reduced the number of background tasks while on battery power, including disabling Intel’s Turbo Boost technology for a noticeable improvement in battery life.

MacStories tells us about Spect, a small new image management app for the Mac by Panic co-founder Steven Frank. It’s not supposed to do anything other than show you images based on folder hierarchies, which it does with a simple interface and no extra features.

Refresh is a fresh approach to the web browser based on mobile Safari in iOS. The concept focuses on a number of core problems with mobile browsing, including tab management, saving and recalling, and context sensitivity, but it looks like they’re putting entirely new ideas into the web-browsing space. Being able to browse history by content and time is particularly impressive.

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  1. kyte says:

    No it isnt. Blurb has had a photo layout app for Mac (and iOS) for years? The quality is not as good as Apples was, but its not too bad. Momento has also had an app out for a couple of years. I haven’t tried them.

    Hmm, Motif is a Photos extension, now that is something neither Blurb nor Momento do, afaik. But, N/A in Australia atm.

    Nice as a very quick viewer, just bought it. But I will probably keep using Unbound from which I can also do editing in other apps.

  2. AVC says:

    It looks more like a concept than something you can download now?

    Edit: never mind, you said it was a concept in your blurb! :man_facepalming:t2:

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