Wednesday Morning News

This morning’s macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 Supplemental Update for MacBook Pro improves the stability and reliability of 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, but that’s just what it says on the box. What it actually does is fix the MacBook Pro CPU throttling issue. This morning’s patch is expected to result in more consistent performance across the board, with Apple attributing the performance dips to a missing digital key in the machine’s thermal management system.

Ars Technica reports that the underlying issue was, and still is, complicated. Modern CPUs are a complicated thing, with both Turbo Boost and thermal considerations, making consistent testing the key to getting any kind of meaningful results. Because of this patch, a number of tests will have to be re-run so that reviews of the 2018 MacBook Pro can be updated.

While the initial YouTube video did its job by getting some clicks, a technical look at the issue by a MacRumors forum member says that power throttling of the VRM to supply the correct voltage to the CPU caused the performance inconsistencies that every 2018 MacBook Pro owner was experiencing. If you’re still looking for something to be outraged at, the jury’s still out on whether the MacBook Pro chassis can handle the thermal output of the CPUs Apple has chosen to include, patch or no patch.

Apple’s latest retail location is in Milan, Italy, with the Piazza Liberty location opening this Thursday. The project includes a “grand public plaza” that’s open to the public 24 hours a day, with the Apple Store nestled underneath a glass fountain. It’s a nice looking outdoor space that will probably do a lot for Apple’s vision of making Apple Stores into town halls for people to gather, and the store itself is the first one of the revamped Apple Store design to make it to Italy.

Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the judges on Apple’s Planet of the Apps TV show, blames the show’s lacklustre reception on poor marketing. AppleInsider reasons that by not using any of the star judges to market the show, Apple missed out on generating the kind of press it needed for the show to be a success, although releasing an app-focused original series on a platform with no real video strategy probably didn’t help things.

The latest App Store list is a collection of apps that come with their own “pure black mode“, as opposed to just a dark mode. Besides looking great on the OLED display of the iPhone X, these pitch black apps are also the best in their category, with popular favourites such as Reeder, Twitterrific, Overcast, Instapaper, and Apollo.

One company has some interesting takes on iPhone X sales. It’s understandable that the second-hand iPhone X devices selling for 85% of its original price, if you’re crazy enough to sell the device before its even a year old, but I have my doubts that 98% of all iPhone X devices sold are sold within the US, with just 2% being sold in the rest of the world. That just seems incredibly unlikely?

Apple Pay is coming to eBay, but it will be a phased rollout starting with the biggest-name retailers first. Any news that says the marketplace is allowing other payment methods other than PayPal is welcome, though, especially when it’s one of the best payment methods currently available.

You can now download an archive of past Mac and iOS wallpapers from previous years. MacRumors notes the iOS collection in particular has wallpapers dating back to iOS 3, as well as a bunch of promotional ones that were used for advertising and not part of any official iOS release.

Over on Quora, Paul King answers the question of what it was like to work at NeXT under Steve Jobs, fulfilling your daily dose of historic Apple news.

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