Tuesday Morning News

An Apple press release tells us about calls to US emergency services sharing location information when dialled from an iPhone with iOS 12. Apple is using tech from RapidSOS, as well as its own Hybridised Emergency Location tech which estimates location using mobile towers and on-device sources such as GPS and nearby Wi-Fi access points, to deliver potentially life-saving location data to emergency services securely.

Meanwhile, the cat and mouse game between Apple and those wishing to find and use exploits in iOS hardware and software so they can access and use the encrypted data within continues, with Motherboard reporting that Grayshift, makers of the GrayKey cracking tool, has already defeated the USB Restricted Mode security feature found in iOS 12. Grayshift addressed USB Restricted Mode in a webinar they hosted a number of weeks ago, although it’s unclear whether they have a viable workaround, or are just marketing one until they do.

This year’s iPhone refresh is expected to bring us three new iPhone models; the second generation iPhone X, the Plus-sized version of the same, and the lower-priced regular update. While both iPhone X models have been rumoured to feature OLED displays like the original, the lower-priced iPhone will likely still feature an LCD display, and it’s this model, The Wall Street Journal says, that will make up the majority of iPhone sales.

Apple will be heard in the US Supreme Court over an antitrust lawsuit, which claims the company monopolised the iPhone app economy so it could charge excessive commissions of 30%. Apple’s argument says they can’t be sued because consumers don’t pay that commission, developers do, meaning the lawsuit from consumers is invalid. Antitrust law being what it is and only allowing direct purchasers to sue, Apple’s argument seems pretty sound.

Security researchers remind us that macOS stores caches of thumbnails and records of files and USB drives, potentially for a long period of time after the file has been deleted or the USB drive removed. It does this even on encrypted volumes, meaning that as long as someone has physical access to your Mac or has remote access to its filesystem, they can take a look at this data.

Speculation from Recode on Apple’s plans for original programming says we might see some kind of subscription streaming service similar, but priced lower than, Netflix. It’s also possible Apple could make the content free for everyone using its devices and services, or available as part of a mega entertainment bundle including Apple Music.

Apple has hired a senior Waymo engineer for whatever they’re doing with self-driving cars or the software that powers them and tells them where to go. It’s possible this could lead up to Apple’s first self-driving car prototype, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

AppleInsider checks out the iPad-specific features of iOS 12 in a video showing off 24 changes on the iPad. While the iPhone might have seen all the biggest features, a number of gestures have been changed on the iPad, there are a bunch of improvements to importing Photos, and a few stock Apple apps have had their designs tweaked slightly.

If 3D Touch discoverability will have to wait for another day, a collection of tips for using 3D Touch gives you a few ideas for where you can use it to be that tiny bit more productive. I use the 3D Touch cursor all the time, and if you use Apple’s Notes, being able to quickly create a new Note from your home screen seems like a handy time-saver.

South Korean telco SK Telink found a box of iPhone 3GS models new in their box in a warehouse, and so it’s putting the device back on sale more than nine years after its original release. After such a long time there’s no guarantee the battery will still hold a charge, and there will be plenty that the device won’t be able to do given the lack of software updates, but… US $40 isn’t a bad price.

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