Friday Morning News

The only new hardware Apple released was fresh new colours for some iPhone cases and Apple Watch bands. This year’s summer range (for the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) has a number of brightly-coloured pastels in peach, marine green, and sky blue. Of course, there’s also the new Pride Edition Woven Nylon band, which is available for a limited time at Apple exclusively.

For something a little different, this year’s WWDC included a special workout session for developers. WWDC Run with Nike Run Club opened with Apple’s director of fitness and health technologies Jay Blahnik thanking Nike for their decade-long partnership dating back to humble beginnings with Nike+iPod. Attendees were encouraged to use the Nike Run Club by Chris “Coach” Bennett, and were also gifted a white pair of Beats powerbeats3.

A roundup of the smaller details of macOS Mojave from MacStories says it’ll be the last version of macOS to support 32-bit apps. While no one’s missing system-wide Twitter and Facebook integration, there’s probably a few who might miss pre-built email templates in Mail. But support for favicons in tabs in Safari might be the most well-received feature, after the headlining system-wide dark mode and changes to the Mac App Store.

And if you’re not completely prepared for using a beta OS on your main machine, Safari Technology Preview 58 brings favicons in tabs to current versions of macOS. There’s also support for generating strong passwords if you’re not already some other third-party password manager.

A class action lawsuit claims Apple Watch has a defective display which can spontaneously detach from the device through no fault of the owner. It’s unclear what this particular lawsuit hopes to achieve, given that Apple has already internally acknowledged battery-related issues with Series 0 and Series 2 models and has unofficial repair programs in place for those devices.

I’m not sure who was wanting a web browser on their wrist, but watchOS 5 brings support for displaying HTML content on the Apple Watch anyway. At the very least, it’s another feature checkbox that Apple can claim to have compared to other smartwatches, but the limited screen size of the Apple Watch means there’s limited use cases where this will come in handy; 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably want to pull out your phone.

A cool new feature in iOS 12 lets you share passwords between devices using AirDrop. Website and app passwords can be shared between devices you own or with other people from within the Settings app, although both parties will need to authenticate before being able to do anything with the password. Further improvements to password autofill for third-party apps shows Apple still cares about the security of your information.

More iOS 12 tidbits include accidental screenshot protection on the iPhone X, the ability to trigger subsequent Face ID scans after an initial failed scan by swiping up from the bottom of the screen, lyric search in Apple Music, and silent notifications being sent directly to Notification Centre instead of showing up on your lockscreen or on your Apple Watch.

The Verge tells us about the apps, services, and features Apple copied from other places for iOS 12. AR-based measuring apps were one of the first ARKit apps in the App Store, we’ve already seen animated customised emoji depictions of ourselves, and Screen Time looks a lot like Moment.

There’s a new auction for rare Apple hardware, and this time around, an original Apple-I is going under the hammer at the starting price of US $70,000, although the working machine with a bunch of extras is expected to go for between $300,000 and $600,000 due to its rarity.

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