December 2017

Wednesday Morning News

The legal battles between Apple and Qualcomm continue, with the latest being Apple claiming Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 and Snapdragon 820 processors infringe on eight of Apple’s battery life patents. While specifics of the patents are hard to find, the patents are said to cover technologies which allow processors to draw as little power as possible, and allow processors to quickly ramp up and down to decrease power usage over time. In other battery life news, rumours from the supply chain claim that future iPhones will have Apple-designed power management chips within two years.

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Monday Morning News

It was a pretty crazy week for Apple security this week, leading up to the somewhat unexpected, eyebrow-raising weekend release of iOS 11.2. The release was supposed to include support for Apple Pay Cash, a US-only personal payments system, but despite previous betas including the feature, it seems to have been turned off for the public release, perhaps to be re-enabled sometime this week when iOS 11.2 was originally supposed to be released. Either way, there’s a bunch of other minor changes in the release, besides bug fixes.

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Good Reads for November, 2017

Every month, we’ll be bringing you a selection of positively personalised, if slightly longer, reads about the wonderful world of Apple. Sometimes they’ll be in-depth analyses of Apple’s latest and greatest, how developers are designing for a never before-seen form factor, or the best review of any iPhone, ever. All I know is, bring your own Instapaper account, because this is Good Reads.

  • November was, somewhat unsurprisingly, all about the iPhone X. It’s been a month since the iPhone X was released to the masses and most apps are getting updated for the edge-to-edge display. The iPhone X is unlike any iPhone that came before it due to the rounded corners, no home button, and the TrueDepth camera system cutout that everyone keeps talking about, and that presents unique challenges for developers. Samuel Axon of Ars Technica talked to some developers about the changes they’ve had to make in their apps, and my only hope is that it all hasn’t been for notch.

The iPhone X is the most significant change to the iPhone in several years. It has a higher resolution and a different screen shape. It disposes of the home button and adds or changes touch gestures. Every one of those changes could create work for designers and developers… and then there‚Äôs the notch. You can expect more phones to do this, not just from Apple. But how do you design around it? How much work is it to adapt an app for it? Is it, as some critics say, bad design?

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Friday Morning News

A serious security flaw within macOS that allowed a disabled root account to become enabled with a blank password was fixed by Apple yesterday, and will soon be automatically applied to machines running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1, if it hasn’t already. Apple’s notes for Security Update 2017-001 says the issue was caused by a “logic error”, with Apple also sharing a statement to press outlets containing an apology for the error and the promise of auditing the development process to help prevent this kind of issue from happening again.

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