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There’s a lot to take in from iMore’s comprehensive review of the iPhone X. There’s the comparison of the screen to other flagship smartphones from other manufacturers, discussion about Apple’s first OLED screen in an iPhone, and plenty about the new cameras, Face ID, and all the extra features that Apple packed into the iPhone X.

Apple’s summary of reviews tells us about all the accolades early reviewers are giving to the iPhone X. Some say it’s “the best iPhone ever made”, or that “the size is the real killer feature”, while others claim it “feels like the future” and that Face ID is “more reliable than face recognition on any other smartphone”. It’s a lot of high praise, and Apple are right to show it off.

Mashable interviewed a few Apple execs about the making of the iPhone X, and it’s interesting to see that they originally thought the iPhone X would launch in 2018. By putting in the hard yards, they were able to ship the iPhone X this year, although that meant there was no time for any last-minute design changes. While the notch itself seems like a design oversight that Apple weren’t able to overcome in time, Schiller says it’s just the way the screen is, and you use it, and move on.

If we’re talking about Face ID versus Touch ID, we’re inevitably going to talk about which is faster. If we’re looking at the raw numbers, Touch ID comes out ahead of Face ID in several scenarios. But reviewers agree that in actual usage, Face ID is a great natural replacement for Touch ID, and even has some advantages with regards to notification privacy.

The iPhone X has a new default ringtone, and you can download it here. If you want to put it on your device and have already updated your copy of iTunes to a version that no longer supports syncing ringtones, Rogue Amoeba has a support article for that.

Macworld noticed that Apple’s developer site notes that the iPhone X samples touch input at 120Hz. While the new iPhone doesn’t support Apple Pencil like every other iPhone before it, a faster touch input should mean more responsive interactions — how much you’ll notice it during day-to-day usage remains to be seen, but I’ll imagine you might notice when you go back to an older iPhone. Maybe.

A Polish online store might have just leaked the price of Apple’s upcoming AirPower wireless charging mat, which could retail for US $199 when it comes out sometime next year. That seems like a lot of cash for the convenience of being able to charge your devices wirelessly, but maybe AirPower will have some other neat trick that makes it worth owning.

Oh, and iOS 11.1 was released to everyone yesterday. There’s a bunch of new emoji, the 3D Touch app switcher makes a return, and there’s a few other minor niceties, as pointed out by MacStories.

WatchOS 4.1 was also released, and it now gives everyone with the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE to stream Apple Music or your iCloud Music Library. Apple says you’ll get about 7 hours of battery life when doing this. There’s also GymKit support in this release, which relies on the gym equipment you’re using to have that integration.

Last but not least in terms of updates, macOS 10.13.1 fixes syncing issues with Microsoft Exchange, and also contains a client-side fix for the Wi-Fi exploit that was widely publicised a couple of weeks ago.

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    We also received an El Capitan update for the iMac that addressed that WiFi security issue.

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