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The newest rumour claims Apple is working on a foldable display with LG. It’s said that this foldable display could eventually make its way into a future iPhone, with Apple said to be working with LG over Samsung over fears of competition and Samsung getting a hold of sensitive tech.

Apple’s response to an App Store anti-trust lawsuit is impressively creative. Ars Technica has the full breakdown including what constitutes a plausible anti-trust lawsuit, but Apple’s explanation of the App Store is that customers don’t buy apps directly from Apple when purchasing from the App Store, but instead from developers, all the while Apple sells software distribution services to developers.

The latest point update to iOS is 11.0.3, which fixes issues with audio and haptic feedback not working on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices, as well as resolving issues with some touch displays on iPhone 6s devices being non-responsive due to being serviced with non-genuine Apple parts.

AppleInsider has a good, old-fashioned, unboxing video of the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3 with cellular. For the most part, the Nike version of the Apple Watch Series 3 looks pretty much exactly the same, with very few cosmetic differences and that same red dot on the Digital Crown.

MacRumors documents Apple CEO Tim Cook’s current travels, with Cook recently visiting France, the UK, and now Sweden. He seemed to be on a tour of the Apple offices there, with Cook also making a stop to discuss AR with one Swedish website, following similar comments to The Independent and Vogue.

Apple has been approved to build yet another data centre. This one will be in Ireland, and will cost approximately US $1 billion, with the approval going ahead despite local residents complaining about the potential environmental impact.

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell has questions about Apple’s rumoured video streaming service. With Apple ramping up the push for original programming, there’s got to be something more than just videos released as part of Apple Music, even if the current video offerings don’t really cut it on their own.

MacStories draws our attention to iPad productivity shelf apps, with Yoink, Gladys, and Copied joining the fray, each with their own take on what it’s like to be a drag-and-drop target for you to work between iOS 11-compatible apps.

Bloomberg has partnered with iFixit to show us how the inside view of an iPhone has evolved over time. You can definitely see Apple’s evolution towards the current inside layout — perhaps it was through experimentation, or simply finding a component layout that worked for the designs they were making.

The Verge tells us about the plethora of free iPhone scams scattered across social media. With iPhones now seen as something of a status symbol, everyone wants one, and if you can’t get one the old-fashioned way, then these scams will try to convince you that you can get one for nothing.

Notable Replies

  1. That sounds awfully similar to the argument run by torrent web sites in the early days before the shut downs started :slight_smile:

  2. Wow, the first iPhone looks very messy compared to the latest models, even the 3G looks much cleaner on the inside.

    Ahh the law… all very theoretical based on specific words and interpretations. Are Apple taking a 30% commission or are they really providing a 70% commission to developers?

    It will be interesting to see where this one falls.

    Considering the price to distribute a 99c app is the same as the cost of distributing a $99 app maybe it results in a flatter fee structure? (+ maybe a financing charge of a few % similar to credit card fees). That at least would be defensible but may serve to even further drive up the cost of applications in the 99c range (assuming it was a price of more than 30c per app). Even then, how do they handle free apps? Should they pay a fee per download?

    I do wonder what that would need to be set at to allow to maintain it’s current level of income from the appstore.

    Really, 30% is probably high, but then they do provide quite a bit to make it all run smoothly. What is acceptable? 10%? 20%… apparently not 30% :stuck_out_tongue:

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