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This time tomorrow, we’ll know everything we need to know about the next iPhone. Overnight, Steve Troughton-Smith confirmed the amount of RAM in the next iPhone, with both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus coming with 3GB, and the regular iPhone 8 getting 2GB. Those numbers are on par with Apple’s current RAM inclusions, with the iPhone 7 having 2GB and the iPhone 7 having 3GB, so there’s nothing really new here.

Of course, people are already lining up for the next iPhone before it’s been announced. Luke Hopewell posted on Twitter about the people making camp outside the Sydney Apple Store before the announcement. It’s been nine years of the iPhone in Australia — just as many years of Apple stores — and people are still lining up before new iPhones are announced, let alone when they’ll actually be available.

And maybe they’ve got good reason to, with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claiming that Apple will be limited to producing less than 10,000 units of the iPhone X per day. That puts a serious dampener on stock levels for what will probably be the most popular iPhone, with Kuo saying that it’s likely that the iPhone X will remain in severe short supply for a while, with the rumoured “blush gold” model facing its own constraints and perhaps being available even later than the black and white models.

Even though there are those that say the leaked iOS 11 GM has spoiled much of Apple’s announcements, over at Six Colors Jason Snell says there’s still a lot we don’t know. And let’s be clear: if memory serves, none of what was leaked wasn’t already rumoured beforehand. Either way, the set list isn’t a replacement for an actual performance, and Apple, the masters of the on-stage reveal, will still be able to show us something great.

With a 4K HDR Apple TV expected to be announced tomorrow, 9to5Mac has shown off one of the first Apple TV screensavers in 4K. Both HDR and non-HDR versions are available, although I believe it’s the non-HDR version has been uploaded to YouTube. There will be more, and they’ll be spectacular.

There’s a lot not being said about iOS 11, but for everyone who isn’t getting a new iPhone, iOS 11 will be the next best thing. Wired’s Andy Greenberg explains how iOS 11 will make it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to extract data from locked devices, including the feature which temporarily disables Touch ID in favour of entering a passcode.

TIME magazine covers shot on iPhone are the latest example of how an iPhone can be used to create professional images. In an interview with TIME, photographer Luisa Dörr explains how she became a photographer and the process of using an iPhone to create 46 portraits of influential women, as well as 12 covers for the magazine.

Fortune interviewed Apple CEO Tim Cook about Apple’s philanthropic efforts, which often are at odds with their push for ever-soaring profits. Apple’s focus on education, health care, and the environment are just some of the reasons why Cook rejected the idea of a corporate foundation, with Cook seeing Apple’s greatest contribution to society as the jobs it creates and supports via app development, both in the US and overseas.

Microsoft has released a new tool called My Workspace. Developed by the Microsoft Garage, My Workspace is an app for Office 365 users on the Mac, which helps you be more productive by putting a menu bar icon that lets you see upcoming meetings at a glance, as well as providing quick access to OneDrive documents and the Office suite.

Over 200,000 iPhone users were surveyed about the apps they use, and how that time spent made them feel afterwards. The results say that people spent more time in apps that make them less happy than apps that make them happy, which is all incredibly interesting.

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