Thursday Morning News

Reviews of the Apple Watch Series 3 are out, and the consensus seems to be that the device is very close to the ideal device for the 21st century. It allows you to stay connected to friends and family, without the distractions of Twitter, Instagram, and the rest of the internet, and all of that is hampered only slightly by the somewhat limited battery life when you’re solely using mobile networks for connectivity. Now all we have to do is wait for the telcos to tell us how much we’ll be paying for iPhone freedom — so far, only Optus has announced pricing.

Not that it matters anyway, as some reviewers noted some kind of LTE connectivity issue with the Apple Watch Series 3. Due to how Apple Watch connects to unauthenticated wireless networks without internet connectivity, that can sometimes prevent the device from using LTE like it should be in those situations. It’s a bit of an edge case, but Apple are investigating and will be releasing a fix shortly in a future software release.

In other news, iOS 11 was in beta testing for months and now both Apple and Microsoft have published support articles saying the built-in Mail application on iOS 11 is not compatible with email accounts, Exchange, or Office 365, and that you might run into an issue where you can’t send email. Microsoft’s suggested workaround is to download and use the Outlook email client, but I am honestly flabbergasted this issue wasn’t discovered and fixed earlier.

Motherboard says that the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles in the iOS 11 Control Centre don’t actually turn off the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radios. Activating the toggles merely disconnects you from any Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, but keeps the radios on to allow for background Apple connection services, such as AirDrop, AirPlay, location services, and even Apple Pencil and Apple Watch connectivity. Apple’s support article on the topic corroborates the story.

There’s a new one-handed keyboard in iOS 11 available on both 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones, although you can’t use it if you have display zoom turned on. Like you might expect, it makes one-handed typing easier.

Apple has increased the OTA download limit for apps to be 150MB. Apparently mobile networks around the world have improved enough to the point where we can now download 15 times the limit originally posed on iOS OTA downloads, and seeing as the last increase to 100MB was in 2013, this is apparently a big deal.

Macworld educates us about the new HEIF and HEVC photo and video formats as part of iOS 11. While they will save space on your device, settings exist so you’ll always be able to transfer photos and videos in formats that can be opened on other devices or even other Macs. If you’re planning to upgrade to macOS Sierra, you probably don’t want to change anything.

A security issue was discovered in iTerm2 that leaked information via DNS lookups. An oversight and prioritisation of user experience over security meant that typed text was sent as a DNS query in plain text, and the feature has since been disabled by default in the latest release.

In iOS 11 app update news, Procreate 4 is now available and I cannot believe it’s a free update to one of the best illustration apps on the iPad. There’s a new painting engine powering everything under the hood, plus iOS 11 features like drag and drop, Files support, and wide colour.

Ikea’s Place app is also out on the App Store, and it’s the AR furniture-placing app you’ve been waiting for. Unfortunately, it’s only available on the US App Store, and only from iOS 11 devices. But if you have both, you can download it and play now.

Notable Replies

  1. That’s interesting about the control centre radio toggles. I had noticed that when I turned BT off at night, for example, it was on again the next morning. I figured the device had learned my routine and got it ready for when I got into the car LOL

  2. kyte says:

    I have an account, and so far am able to send from it (but its not something I use often, i only sent to my icloud account). I’m receiving OK as well.

  3. This once again goes along with my feeling that Apple don’t adequately test their software and hardware any more, the rush it out the door for a set date rather than when it is actually ready.

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