Friday Morning News

Apple has made the date official, sending out invites to an Apple event for September 12 at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park. It’ll be the first event held in the newly-build auditorium, and even though you’ll never hear it referred to as such from Apple, seems fitting for the tenth anniversary iPhone.

The ninth developer beta of iOS 9 and tvOS 11 have been released, likely as a last-minute test for some bug Apple fixed and wanted to get out on as many devices as possible before the big release in a few weeks. This also means the eighth public beta of iOS 11 is available.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has emailed Apple employees about Hurricane Harvey. Cook notes that Apple has raised over US $3 million for relief efforts, says Apple are working to help both Apple employees affected by the tropical storm and will be working to re-open Apple stores in Texas as soon as possible to help with problems.

Apple’s open letter to the FCC tells us about how Apple defends the open internet. In the letter, Apple cautions against allowing practices that would allow ISPs to favour some internet traffic while throttling other kinds, saying that “providers of online goods and services need assurance that they will be able to reliably reach their customers without interference from the underlying broadband provider”.

The Macalope writes about the forgotten iPhone of 2017. With Apple rumoured to release three new devices in a couple of weeks, everyone’s been talking about the newest iPhone because that’s where the clicks go, but here’s hoping the S-revision of the iPhone 7 will be impressive in its own right. Hard to do when you’re up against the borderless, OLED goodness of the next iPhone, but here’s hoping.

If you’ve already moved on from reading rumours about this year’s iPhone, a new rumour claims Apple will release a 6.4-inch device next year, also with an OLED display. Such a device would put the iPhone on par with screen sizes from Samsung, coming in over the just-announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

If you’re still running Office 2011 on your Mac, Microsoft has warned that Office 2011 is untested on macOS High Sierra and no support will be provided. The good news is, Office 2016 is supported on macOS High Sierra, provided you update to a version released in June or later. The real WTF here is that Office 2011 on the Mac is still supported until October this year.

Logitech’s latest Mac accessory is the Craft Advanced keyboard. The Craft’s main claim to fame is a touch-sensitive dial that can be used within Adobe apps, or simply to adjust the volume at an OS level. Keyboard backlighting sensitive to hands and the ambient light round out the package, with the Craft shipping in October for US $199.

Some classic games have been updated to support 64-bit compatibility ahead of the release of iOS 11, and Ramp Champ’s last update was to add Retina graphics for the iPhone 4. There’s a bunch of other changes, but it’s great to see that we won’t lose a whole bunch of App Store classics just because they haven’t been updated in years.

David Chartier runs us through one-handed multitasking on the iPad with iOS 11. The gestures can be performed while your iPad is laying flat on a desk, and you can even have a total of three apps open at the same time.

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