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We now have a name for the copper-coloured iPhone that we’ve seen leaked, with a tweet claiming that Foxconn’s internal name for the device is “blush gold“. The blush gold versions that we’ve seen so far still appear to have a black front, at least for the parts where you can see a black border around the edge-to-edge display.

That brings up an interesting question, as all of the leaks we’ve seen so far show off a black notch at the top of the nearly bezel-free display. 9to5Mac thinks the white version is going to look much worse, given that there will need to be an array of sensors and front-facing cameras on the front of the device. While the black can blend into the black of the OLED display, the white version likely won’t get that option.

Mockups imagine what apps are going to look like on the display, but I think it comes down to what Apple are going to be doing with the notch, and how that will be integrated into the top status bar. I can see Apple putting some icons at the very top of the display, inline with the notch, but it remains to be seen what they’ll do with the time, as it kind of looks lonely if it’s below the notch and not integrated with the app.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo writes in his latest report that there will be no obvious change to the form factor of the Apple Watch when series 3 is released later this year. Kuo says we should see a new Apple Watch model when the new iPhones are announced later this year, with built-in mobile data expected to be the main selling point of the updated Apple Watch — both versions with and without mobile data will be available, much like the iPad.

Rumour has it Apple are in talks with health insurance company Aetna to bring the Apple Watch to Aetna’s 23 million customers. If whatever Apple has planned goes ahead, TechCrunch suggests the main drawcard for a health insurance company will be the health and activity data they get on their customers, which sounds like an invasion of privacy until you consider Apple’s stance on privacy and encryption.

Apple has released the sixth developer betas of iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, tvOS 11, and watchOS 4. For the first time in this round of betas, Apple has also simultaneously released the fifth beta of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra to members of its public beta program, meaning we’ve moving closer to an actual release. There’s probably less than two betas to go.

The introduction of Apple’s Smart Connector, available on the iPad Pro, hasn’t exactly been the most successful launch. As far as iPad Pro features go, it’s perhaps the least appealing, given that only four products use it — Apple’s own Smart Keyboard, and three accessories from Logitech. Fast Company says there are more Smart Connector accessories in the pipeline, given that Bluetooth has its own disadvantages.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball says Safari should display site favicons in its tabs, and as a longtime Chrome user with two windows and upwards of 20 tabs open in each at all times, I can wholeheartedly agree.

Marco Arment is removing the “send to Watch” feature found in the Overcast, as the workaround he’s currently using to play audio won’t work in watchOS 4.

Wired tells us about the phenomenon of a song that’s almost 10 minutes of silence. A a a a a Very Good Song hit the iTunes charts over the weekend, given that it’s supposed to stop whatever song you currently have playing when you connect your iPhone to your car stereo system.

Notable Replies

  1. Erwin says:

    I’m liking the new iPhone. :slight_smile:

  2. I think that the clock will not appear in the status area for iPhone Pro, and that’s part of why the notification pull-down in iOS 11 is the lock screen with a nice big clock at the top. I would totally go for a blush gold phone, I think the copper colour is lovely.

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