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It’s time to pull your old devices out of storage, because Apple released iOS 10.3.3, macOS 10.12.6, and watchOS 3.2.3 overnight. Ars says the bug-fix releases are likely the last we’ll see before the public release of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra, although security updates will still be released for these older versions moving forward.

Apple’s Machine Leaning Journal tells us about the progress they’re making in the machine learning space, acting as a blog of sorts for Apple engineers to share insights about building products used by millions. There’s just one post besides the introductory one so far, but here’s hoping we get some cool posts on AI in the future.

I missed the one where Apple’s updated Apple Stores now have in-store HomeKit experiences for you to get some first-hand experience about how HomeKit works. The interactive HomeKit experience fits into Apple’s modus operandi of offering hands-on demos of its products, even though HomeKit products generally aren’t Apple-branded, they’re still an important part of the Apple ecosystem. TechCrunch says that the interactive HomeKit demo is being offered by 15 Apple Stores outside of the US, but it’s unclear whether that list includes any store in Australia.

Rumour has it this year’s iPhone will come with a new mirror-like finish, likely coming off the back of the Jet Black design that we saw unveiled last year with the iPhone 7. I don’t mind it – if Apple has improved the durability of the finish, then it might even be a compelling option.

The Apple rumour mill also says we’ll see an iPhone SE refresh sometime this year, but with recent rumours pointing to an entirely new iPhone, or OLED displays in all iPhones, it seems as though Apple has their work cut out for them.

IFixit has released MacBook Pro battery replacement kits, which gives you all the parts and tools you’ll need to replace the battery in your retina MacBook Pro. Compatible with late 2012 machines through to the mid-2015 model, everything you need to do the replacement comes in the box — except for the instructions.

The Verge points out yet another way to add MagSafe-like charging to your new MacBook Pro. The latest entrant into the USB-C magnetic charging race is the Bolt-S, which is the first to support the 87 watts that the 15-inch MacBook Pro draws, but the downside is that you can’t buy it today.

Has anyone tried Google’s Backup and Sync Mac App? It lets you backup files and photos to Google Drive and Google Photos, respectively, replacing the previous Google Photos desktop app.

The Mac Observer notes the Mac Mini is now 1,000 days old. Perhaps in another 200 days, we’ll get another Apple round-table telling us how they got the design wrong and are starting again.

Today’s anecdotal Steve Jobs story comes from Will Shipley, who answered the question of how hard Steve Jobs worked by telling the story of the time Jobs called him to buy his web browser.

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  1. Will they even ship to Australia at the moment?? Their website seems to say not.

    I’ve just ordered a replacement for my Wifes MBA for AU$59.99 delivered from eBay including tools (and instructions :stuck_out_tongue: ). While the eBay store said they were in Australia I was skeptical that was really true, but after being ordered on Saturday it was shipped on Monday and AUSPost tracking has it scheduled for delivery today! So I’m pretty impressed at this point. We will see how it goes once it gets here and into the machine.

  2. Why ‘old devices’? It’s not like anything you buy today will have these version of the software on them

  3. Can you provide an overview of the quality once installed. I am looking for one for a MBA…

    Both look interesting enough. At $30 (US I assume?) on Kickstarter, not that much of a risk…

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