July 2017

Thursday Morning News

Thinking about Ming-Chi Kuo’s prediction of removed Touch ID, it’s hard to imagine Apple removing what has now become a cornerstone of the iOS experience. Face recognition sounds futuristic and all, and I’m sure Apple will be able to make it work better than you thought, but there are plenty of scenarios where Touch ID has become so ingrained back into the iOS experience that removing it would be very strange indeed.

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Tuesday Morning News

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has posted a new research note, in which he claims that Apple will remove Touch ID entirely from the next iPhone. While most of his predictions fall in line with what’s already been rumoured, Kuo’s claim that the iPhone will have the largest screen-to-body ratio of any smartphone currently available worldwide” is a bold one. I’m pretty sure there’s a certain Samsung flagship that owns that title, and the screen on those is pretty amazing.

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Monday Morning News

The first Apple Store in Taiwan has officially opened. Located on the ground and basement floors of the Taipei 101 skyscraper, Apple’s first store in Taiwan features a similar layout and activity program as recent Apple Store openings, including “Today at Apple”. The store also features 130 employees, according to Apple’s press release.

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Good Reads for June, 2017

Every month, we’ll be bringing you a selection of lightly laundered — if slightly longer — reads about the wonderful world of Apple. Sometimes, we’ll highlight what you can do on your iPad to make it feel like a true laptop replacement, discuss Apple’s famed culture of secrecy, or just reflect on how the original iPhone came to be. All I know is, bring your own Instapaper account, because this is Good Reads.

  • June marked the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone. While us Aussies didn’t get the original and had to wait until 2008 for the iPhone 3G to make its way to our shores, we’ve felt the iPhone’s impact just as much as anyone else has. Wired interviewed former Apple employee and “podfather” Tony Fadell, who says that for all of the advances that the iPhone has brought us, for every aspect of your life that has changed because the iPhone changed the game, it’s important to keep it all in perspective and not forget about “the analogue portion” of our lives. If you haven’t already seen it, I highly recommend watching Scott Forstall talk about how the original iPhone came to be at the Computer History Museum, too.

And, even more so, it has changed how my kids are growing up compared to how I and my wife grew up. And sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes that’s a bad thing – and it requires all of us to make the proper changes in our lives to make sure we don’t lose the analogue portion of our life and we don’t just stay digital and mobile all the time.

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