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Changes in the second developer beta of iOS 11 include tweaks to Control Centre, the release of the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature, and an improvement to the Files app that allows you to save items from share sheets. There’s also lengthy release notes that specifically mention compatibility with certain apps. With the open beta of iOS 11 expected to be released this week, now is a good time to make sure you have a backup, if you’re planning to install it on your iPhone or iPad.

Bloomberg reports Apple is currently in talks with at least three music labels to renegotiate the cut that they get from streaming. Apple wants to pay less for streaming songs, although the deal it strikes likely won’t be the same as Spotify’s due to the differences between the two services — Apple Music has no free streaming tier, and is also tied to a music store.

TechCrunch says that it’s entirely possible hundreds of thousands of apps have been removed from the App Store this year. It appears Apple is going after spam and clone apps, hitting them with App Store guideline 4.2.6, which talks about removing apps created from a template or app generation service, although it may also include apps that still run on 32-bit architecture or apps that haven’t been downloaded or updated in years.

The latest macOS High Sierra beta contains code which suggests Apple’s upcoming iMac Pro will feature chips from Intel’s Purley Xeon family, as well as the possibility of a Secure Enclave just like on iOS devices and on the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. While Apple didn’t hint at any kind of Touch ID support in the iMac Pro, Apple might have a few surprises up their sleeve.

Ars Technica tells us about the tragedy of FireWire, a technology that was ultimately torpedoed by corporations like Intel when they saw the promises of USB. While PCs included FireWire in the beginning (largely thanks to Sony’s i.LINK), by the time the iPod rolled around that was no longer, and not long after that, FireWire languished into obscurity.

If you’ve purchased the Pride Edition Woven Nylon band from Apple, a portion of the proceeds from sales are going towards supporting LGBTQ advocacy organisations, following Apple updating the store page with a statement saying so.

There’s a new Apple Store currently being built next to the Chicago River, and for some reason, the roof of the store looks like the top of a MacBook Air. While it’s not visible from street level, I can’t help but think that design is going to look dated in a few years — Apple hasn’t quite killed off the MacBook Air just yet, but we already have the new MacBook and MacBook Pros.

Seemingly the only reason Apple upped the display size from 9.7 to 10.5-inches in the smaller iPad Pro was to increase key sizes. According to the official ISO standards, the smaller iPad Pro’s Smart Keyboard now comes in as “full size”, with 17mm of space between the centre of the keys. It’s what makes the 10.5-inch iPad Pro a typing champ, says Macworld.

Depending on who you follow on Twitter, you might be hearing that apps are now getting far too big. But that’s not the whole story — the app download size as reported by the App Store isn’t what your device will download, thanks to delta updates and app thinning, but there’s no denying apps are getting larger.

If you’ve watched Scott Forstall’s interview on the original creation of the iPhone from the Computer History Museum, you’ll notice that Forstall speaks a lot like Steve Jobs. Forstall has many similar qualities to Jobs, which is probably we he had to go, but it’s fun to think about what today’s Apple would look like if Forstall was at the helm instead of Cook.

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