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With WWDC happening bright and early tomorrow morning, Ars Technica tells us what to expect from what might turn out of be one of just four Apple events this year. With WWDC being a primarily developer-focused event, there’s a good chance we’ll see updates to all the Apple platforms, but nothing is for certain when it comes to the details.

A rumour round-up from MacRumors says we’ll see new features in iOS 11, including an updated user interface, expanded Siri capabilities, and perhaps even iPad-specific features. Their prediction for the next version of macOS speculates that it could be the version to adopt APFS as the default filesystem following the successful rollout on iOS, although any possible watchOS and tvOS improvements are still hard to know.

The jury’s still out on whether Apple will announce new hardware on stage. I can’t see Cook and co making a big song and dance about speed bumps in the MacBook Pro lineup, but the introduction of a new iPad Pro might be worth breaking out the cheese and crackers. The introduction of a Siri speaker would also be worth spending a little time on.

AppleInsider tells us about the stuff that’s super unlikely to happen, along with the stuff that is more likely. A 4K Apple TV, despite increasing uptake of Ultra HD TV sets, is unlikely to be announced tomorrow, and of course, there’s no way we’ll see any kind of iPhone, Mac Pro, iMac, or Apple Watch hardware announcement.

Graham Spencer’s list of miscellaneous wishes for WWDC (a WWDC wishlist, if you will) says he’d like to see picture-in-picture come to the iPhone, and some kind of revamped app switcher for the iPad. His wish for tvOS on macOS seems like a good idea, until you remember that the only Mac Apple sells in a form-factor suitable for media centre duties is more than three times the price of the Apple TV. Not to mention, Apple killed off Front Row years ago.

Buzzfeed has shared Apple CEO Tim Cook’s email to staff about President Trump’s decision to leave the Paris climate accord. Cook says in his memo to staff that he spoke to Trump and tried to persuade him to keep the US in the agreement, but it wasn’t enough. Cook says climate change is real, and Apple will continue their efforts to protect the environment.

It’s rumoured that Apple Music exec Bozoma Saint John could be leaving Apple. You’ll remember that Saint John introduced the revamped Apple Music on stage at WWDC last year, and while TechCrunch writes that the tech industry needs more role models like her, I’m sure she can be as much of a role model elsewhere.

Upcoming Apple product information has been leaked by one user on Reddit, who says the next iPhone is everything the rumours are claiming it to be, at least in terms of wireless charging and featuring Touch ID embedded into the front display. AR glasses are also a thing that Apple is working on, at least until they’re cancelled, and there’s good news for fans of the glowing Apple logo in the rear case, as it’s reportedly making a comeback in next year’s MacBook Pro.

One report claims Apple is using freelancers to improve the quality of Apple Maps data. Via microtransactions, freelancers are paid according to the number of tasks they complete, with a limit of 600 tasks per week and no more than 20 hours worked, with the work itself consisting of verifying location and address accuracy.

Do you hear that? It’s the death knell of 32-bit apps, starting with 32-bit apps no longer showing up in App Store search results, and ending with iOS 11 tomorrow. Or so they say.

Notable Replies

  1. So give us MacBook and iMac hardware in which faulty components can be replaced in then rather than needing an entirely new machine if your SSD or memory fail.

    Apple clearly don’t give a toss about the environment and it is all really just lip service, if they did then they would release hardware that can be repaired rather than having to be replaced.

    Thinner, lighter, sexier does not save the environment, repairability does.

    [/end sermon]

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