Tuesday Morning News

Thanks to sources in China, we now get a look at a case for the 10.5-inch iPad. The comparison to the 9.7-inch iPad shows that it’s a little taller and very slightly wider, suggesting the extra screen real-estate will come from slimmed-down bezels around the display. Microphone holes are also present on the rear of the device, matching previous iPad designs.

Nike is getting in on the Apple Watch train by showing off new Nike Sport bands. The new bands in the Day to Night collection match up with the colour scheme offered by Nike’s Air VaporMax Flyknit “Day to Night” collection, allowing runners to match their Apple Watch band colour to their sport shoes of choice. Nike says they’ll be available online starting from June 1, and shortly thereafter from Apple online and in Apple Stores.

Apple’s photo gallery shows off the launch of the “Today in Apple” program, offering educational sessions on a variety of topics that aren’t limited to Apple products. While Apple’s flagship locations around the world had performances from some famous names, every location offered similar lessons on photography, illustration, and more.

With the Orchard Road location opening this Saturday, Singapore’s first Apple Store will also host Today in Apple sessions. Our first look at the Apple Store shows off a two-level design, fronted by ground-to-ceiling glass panes. It’s very nice.

AppleInsider reports Apple is now charging for Apple Music’s 3-month free trial in Australia, Spain, and Switzerland. While the 99-cent charge is hardly a big deal by itself, it means that users in those countries must now have a valid payment method associated to their account before they can sign up to Apple Music — not to mention it kinda takes the “free” out of free trial.

A new lawsuit against Apple from the creator of RSA alleges Apple Pay violates patents held by the company. Authentication systems using a smartphone, biometric identification, and the generation of secure one-time use tokens for financial transactions are the patents in question, but we’ll have to see how this one pans out.

For some reason, disabling Spotlight search for Slack on iOS seems to improve Spotlight performance on iOS devices. It’s literally this one weird trick that will make Spotlight usable again.

9to5Mac indicates scrolling will be changing in Safari soon, with the inconsistent scrolling compared to the rest of iOS being removed in favour of the smoother scrolling that every other app enjoys. To see the difference for yourself, scroll any regular webpage, then load up an AMP page from Google and scroll there.

The Outlook got their hands on one of the Apple-designed pizza boxes which are used at Caffé Macs to transport pizzas without them getting soggy.

Apple’s latest ad campaign tells users to switch to iPhone, comparing the two experiences in a series of short clips that show off the differences between your phone and an iPhone.

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  1. The bigger question is what sort of monster sits at their desk eating pizza and continues to touch their computer…

    Of course, the article doesn’t go to this level of detail, but this sort of system encourages people to do just that! I demand a follow-up article comparing the oil resistance of various machines so people can be sure they are buying the most pizza compatible device possible…

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