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If you’ve been asking yourself “what’s next” for the Apple Watch, BGR claims that the next iteration of Apple’s wearable will support glucose monitoring and smart bands. Some kind of non-invasive glucose monitoring would likely be the ideal for an Apple Watch strap, and future smart bands would add features like a camera or extra battery. While Apple is expected to release an updated Apple Watch this year, we’re still not sure what to expect in terms of new features.

Break out the Wi-Fi, because Apple has released a bunch of software updates. Now that everyone knows the importance of keeping your devices up to date on the back of a global ransomware threat that was patched in Windows months ago, iOS 10.3.2 comes with the usual bug fixes and performance improvements.

The 10.12.5 update to macOS Sierra comes with a fix for an issue where audio may stutter when played over USB headphones, a minor compatibility improvement to the Mac App Store with future updates, as well as support for the Windows 10 Creator’s Update within Boot Camp. Security updates have also been released for OS X El Capitan and OS X Yosemite.

Across the rest of Apple’s software ecosystem, watchOS 3.2.2 includes improvements and bug fixes, iTunes 12.6.1 has minor app and performance improvements, and you can probably guess what’s in the tvOS 10.2.1 update (spoiler alert: it’s bug fixes and performance improvements).

Apple Maps now includes public transport directions for Adelaide, joining Melbourne and Sydney as the only other Australian cities to be supported within Apple’s mapping app. Brisbane and Perth are the last two major capital cities — there’s got to be somewhere I can bet on which city will be last, right?

Apple has revealed plans for a new flagship store in Milan, which is going to be “a square full of ideas”. One such idea is an entrance with walls of flowing water on either side as a kind of tribute to traditional Italian squares, and an outdoor amphitheatre will be included as part of the store design.

Sometimes iCloud storage usage isn’t as accurate as it can be. Even if you’ve turned everything off and aren’t knowingly storing anything within iCloud, there can still be some residual items left over. Macworld’s recommendation is to cross-check the numbers using a variety of sources, and if all else fails and this matters that much to you, you should get in touch with Apple.

Six Colors talks about the reported demise of the MP3 file format, but really it’s just patents expiring and the end of MP3 licensing that will lead to an MP3 renaissance.

The Mac version of Sound Forge Pro has seen its first update in three years. According to MacRumors, Magix purchased Sound Forge Pro from Sony around this time last year, and now there’s an update to the powerful audio editing suite which adds support for plugins, industry-standard metering, and added signal and effects processing.

Apple’s latest ad is a fun little number about the portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus. Watch Barbers here.

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  1. I screamed when I got this notification on Wednesday morning. It’s slick. We now know the third best Australian city :nail_care:t2:

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