Tuesday Morning News

An internal memo published by 9to5Mac from Apple covers the Smart Keyboard against functional issues. Apple’s extended repair program for the Smart Keyboard for both iPad Pro models covers sticking/repeating keys, sensor issues, problems with the keyboard’s magnetic connector, connection issues, and unresponsive keys. Affected devices will be repaired or replaced up to three years after the original purchase date.

New research data puts Apple at the top of the wearables vendor pile, with the latest estimate putting the total number of Apple Watch shipments at 3.5 million for the last quarter. Note that’s only 15.9% of the global wearables market, with Apple’s closest competitors including Fitbit (2.9 million devices shipped) and Xiaomi, with 3.4 million shipments.

The good news, Apple has clarified iTunes affiliate cuts. Only the in-app purchase affiliate rate will be cut to 2.5%, with the standard rate for Mac and iOS app purchases staying at the original 7%. It’s unclear whether this was the original plan all along or whether it was a change due to the backlash, but it’s all good news for sites that use iTunes affiliates as some kind of revenue stream.

Something that I glanced over during Apple’s financial results is that both US Bank Capital One and Volkswagen are now deploying Apple devices internally. It’s said there’s some kind of correlation between Volkswagen and Apple ownership, and judging by our “what car do you drive” topic, that correlation is alive and well (albeit with a small sample size).

A new Apple Watch activity challenge has been discovered ahead of Mother’s Day, with the associated badge and iMessage sticker for those who complete the 1-mile workout on Sunday, May 14. 9to5Mac says the challenge will be US-only, due to the fact that Mother’s Day isn’t an internationally-recognised celebration.

Over at Macworld, Dan Moren argues that we need less innovation in Apple laptops, not more. While Apple seems interested in making laptops thinner and lighter than ever before, sometimes what the people want is just a faster horse. Remember when Apple products saw regular speed bumps a couple of times a year, instead of major updates every other year? Yeah, me neither.

AppleInsider explains that Apple are likely to stick with Lightning over USB-C in the next iPhone, despite USB-C’s current technological advantages over (most) Lightning interfaces when it comes to things like power delivery and transfer speed. Port strength is also something to keep in mind.

The latest Workflow update restores Google Chrome and Pocket integration of previous versions. MacStories notes the future of Workflow is still unknown given its acquisition by Apple in March.

An anonymously-published GitHub Gist tells us why iOS is the more secure choice when it comes to protecting your personal information against governments.

Fast Company has a piece on what it’s like to work at Apple as an intern. While it’s a great experience and Apple pays its interns very well, it’s mostly about the opportunities that kind of experience gives you — both on your LinkedIn profile and when you’re looking elsewhere.

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