Thursday Morning News

An interview with and profile of Apple Music chief Jimmy Iovine from Music Business Worldwide tells the story of the 21-year old who passed a test of dutifulness to become John Lennon’s Assistant Engineer. It’s also where Iovine says that he thinks Apple Music could have over 400 million subscribers if it had a free tier, believes that artists need to be paid, and exclusives (probably) aren’t the way forward, but video exclusives might have something to them.

Apple SVP of Retail Angela Ahrendts was interviewed by LinkedIn about the “Today at Apple” initiative that launched in Apple Stores this week. 9to5Mac has a summary of the interview, including how Apple filters down employee feedback to find new ideas for Apple Stores, highlighting Apple’s 85% retention rate for employees compared to a 20% industry average.

With today being Global Accessibility Awareness day, a new series of videos from Apple sheds some light on the company’s focus on accessible technology. Apple products have always included some form of accessibility features, and it’s not just one or two things that make using Apple devices easier for people with accessibility issues, but it’s always a few things, and that can make all the difference in the world.

Mockups of what’s purported to be the final design of the next iPhone have been shown off. While the lack of any kind of home button or Touch ID sensor is a little unsettling, it’s possible that Apple are either integrating the Touch ID sensor into the display or are playing with their cards held close to their chest. At this point, any mockup lacking the vertical camera arrangement can probably be safely dismissed as fake.

Apple has started making iPhones in India, via Taiwanese contractor Wistron. The first iPhone SEs are expected to ship to Indian customers later this month, and it’s an important first step for Apple who want to establish a retail presence in the country.

Following the introduction of the very first Apple Developer Academy in Naples, Italy, a story at The Independent tells us about a former Starbucks employee who left the worldwide coffee chain for the opportunity of a lifetime, participating in Apple’s Challenge Based Learning program and maybe even becoming the next developers to “make it”.

We’re currently at watchOS 3, and next month, Apple is likely to unveil changes as part of watchOS 4 at WWDC. A piece from 9to5Mac says there’s things Apple can take from the very first watchOS, namely including more accessible controls for common tasks such as changing tracks on your iPhone from your watch, but also miscellaneous improvements to Siri.

“Quite a bit” of source code to Panic’s apps was taken after a machine was compromised by a malware-infected version of Handbrake. While that sounds really bad, the actual fallout probably won’t be too harsh on the company — there’s no indication customer information was obtained by the attackers, and no other Panic servers were compromised.

Father of the iPad Tony Fadell recently spoke at the Computer History Museum’s iPhone 360 event, celebrating ten years of the device that kicked off the smartphone revolution. There’s videos of the interview with one journalist that were published to AppleInsider’s YouTube channel.

MacStories tells us about Mitch, a Mac app for a better Twitch viewing experience. Instead of having everything in a browser window or tab, Mitch lets you customise stream video and chat placement, although it does lack some Twitch features such as subscribing.

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