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Apple’s iPhone photography page has a series of short videos showing how to capture specific types of images. Whether you’re shooting action, a sunset silhouette, or capturing stills during video, the guides are short and to the point, showing off various features of the iPhone camera. The iPhone photography page appears to be tailored to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but many of the features work on older iPhones, too.

The first recipient of funds from Apple’s Advanced Manufacturing Fund for American manufacturers is Corning. Apple’s press release says Corning has supplied the display cover glass for iOS devices for over ten years, and as part of Apple and Corning’s continued partnership and innovation, Corning will receive $200 million.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has a new report which claims Apple will reveal the 10.5-inch iPad Pro at WWDC. Although hardware announcements are 50/50 when it comes to WWDC, Kuo also thinks that we’ll see Apple’s Siri hardware speaker, which is now said to include a touch panel for easier interaction in situations when voice isn’t the most appropriate communication method.

Speaking of WWDC, BuzzFeed says the developer conference will see Amazon Prime Video launch on the Apple TV. Amazon’s video streaming service has been absent from the Apple TV, and also explains why you can’t buy an Apple TV from Amazon, but the good news is, Apple TVs will be available from Amazon once Amazon Prime Video is available on them.

Apple’s latest acquisition is Lattice Data, a company that specialises in unstructured “dark data”, whatever that means. From TechCrunch’s report, it seems Lattice Data was acquired by Apple for $200 million, and if the description of turning unstructured data into something usable is at all accurate, I can see some kind of use for that. Or Apple could be after Lattice’s AI.

A study by the University of California San Francisco says the Apple Watch can detect an abnormal heart rhythm 97% of the time when paired with an AI algorithm. Over 6000 participants shared their heartbeats via the measuring app Cardiogram, and after training a neural network to recognise abnormal heart rhythms, data provided by the Apple Watch was enough to accurately identify the participants who had been diagnosed with an abnormal heartbeat.

Even though Visual Studio is now available for the Mac, Xamarin’s Live Player means that you don’t need a Mac to test apps on live devices. Ars Technica notes that you’ll still need a Mac if you intend to submit something to the App Store, but having an intermediary app to help you deploy to test devices from a PC has to count for something.

Window management app Moom by Many Tricks has been removed from sale due to a possible violation of a US patent. The developers are understandably upset at the situation, but indie development means they don’t have the resources to risk a legal battle. That said, they’re exploring their options.

Mika Tuupola reversed engineered Apple’s location service protocol using the MITM proxy Charles, revealing some interesting things on how Apple devices do their location calculations on-client, after being provided with the locations of nearby access points.

Nike’s latest Apple accessory is a case for the iPhone 7 (and only for the iPhone 7, firmly cementing the smaller iPhone as the better one). With the choice of sole design from Nike’s iconic Roshe or Air Force 1, this might be the iPhone 7 case you were looking to match with your kicks.

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  1. AVC says:

    Hey now come on, I love my 7 Plus!

  2. Ditto, bloody awesome device and size.

  3. kyte says:

    Its detected mine. I’ve been using Cardiogram (and Kardia) for some time now. Sadly, my cardiologist doesnt believe the results. Oh well, perhaps when the study is released, he might.

    [edit]. Here’s their blog post for anyone interested

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