Friday Morning News

Apple has confirmed the WWDC keynote will be livestreamed. The Apple TV events app has been updated, so you can follow along with Apple’s developer-focused event keynote on June 6, 3am.

A case designed for the next iPhone was purchased by Mac Otakara, who took some photos and compared the size to the current models. Given rumours it’s unsurprising that the case is marginally larger than the current iPhone 7, but still noticeably smaller than the iPhone 7 Plus. The vertically-aligned dual camera cutout is also roughly the same size as the current dual-lens camera arrangement on the Plus-sized model.

The press photos of the new Apple Store in Orchard Road, Singapore, show off the new Apple Store design in all its glory. There’s wooden paneling showing off products on the walls, trees and a sit-down area within the store itself, and the usual tables with glass covers to show off the Apple Watch. Notably, there’s no glass staircase like other Apple Stores, so instead we get a cool stone/ceramic one with a handrail that’s appears to be carved into the wall.

The first ever Apple News Editor in Chief is Lauren Kern, who held editorial positions at both The New York Times Magazine and New York magazine. Details are scarce on what Kern will be doing at Apple News, seeing as News has no original content and currently acts as more of a news aggregator than anything else, but it’s a start.

MacRumors has a wishlist of iOS 11 features from their readers. The list is reasonably long so I’ll leave you to cover it in your own time, but it’ll be interesting to see how many of these Apple ticks off. None are particularly outlandish, but I have to wonder how much is in line with Apple’s plans.

A new Apple patent says the company is still investigating virtual keyboards. An illuminated surface could support a reconfigurable keyboard, but then you’d wonder at which point Apple wouldn’t just sandwich two displays together and call it a day.

A study has found the Apple Watch to be a great heart-rate tracker, but a below average calorie tracker. That said, the Apple Watch still compared favourably to other wrist-worn fitness/activity trackers.

Readdle are once again doing completely wild things on the iPad, taking one of the paradigms of graphical computing — drag and drop — and making it work on the iPad. While Readdle’s drag-and-drop implementation works for certain file types and drop targets, it’s pretty crazy that they built something that works when both Spark and Documents are used in the iPad’s Split View.

Belkin previously announced that its own WeMo devices would eventually become HomeKit compatible, and the company has now shown off how that will be possible with the HomeKit Bridge. The HomeKit Bridge connects via ethernet and acts as an interface between WeMo devices and Apple HomeKit, with pricing and availability to be announced.

Apple’s latest animated video arrives a little late for Earth Day, but tells the story of how Apple wants to eventually reuse components from recycled devices in new devices, closing the loop and removing any need to mine new materials from the earth.

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