Tuesday Morning News

A report from Bloomberg talks up Apple’s plans for augmented reality, with Apple CEO Tim Cook having previously claimed that AR would be a big deal, and eventually as common as having thee meals per day. Bloomberg writes that Apple is working on a number of AR products, including glasses that could provide information overlays to the wearer from their iPhone, but other AR features could make their way into the products like the iPhone sooner, rather than later.

John Gruber discusses the possibility of the rumoured 10.5-inch iPad that will be released alongside its update 9.7 and 12.9-inch brethren. But something doesn’t add up — who’s going to be buying the 9.7 or 12.9-inch models when there’s a brand new model that has less bezels, no matter how updated they may be? Similar speculation on the rumours of a 5.8-inch iPhone, which would see it released alongside its 4.7 and 5.5-inch siblings.

The Verge covers the story of how iCloud information revealed the identity of an anonymous Twitter account, leading to the owner’s eventual arrest of John Rivello, an individual who sent seizure-inducing tweets to Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald. Rivello was undone by using his prepaid SIM card in an iPhone 6, which prompted investigators to look for an iCloud account linked to the number.

Drake’s latest project More Life has set streaming records on Apple Music, with 89.9 million streams in its first 24 hours. More Life was streamed more on Apple Music than it was on Spotify, which saw 61.3 million streams, and Drake’s close ties to Apple Music and Beats 1 are attributed as being major reasons for the record-breaking release.

It appears to have been pulled, but Microsoft’s Mac to Surface Assistant was briefly unveiled as a migration assistant of sorts, for transferring information from your Mac to your Surface. It appears to be a straight migration tool of user data, including photos and any other folders in the user’s home directory.

Apple’s system status page has let the cat out of the bag, telling us that the Apple online store will be going down for maintenance tonight from 5-10pm. Whether this is for updated products is anyone’s guess, but pre-planned maintenance is definitely something new, at least when it comes to the Apple Online Store.

A mysterious wireless device submitted to the FCC for approval is now a whole lot less mysterious. It’s been revealed as a door lock for Apple Park, supporting both Bluetooth and NFC communication, which explains why it required FCC approval.

The eight beta of macOS Sierra 10.12.4 has been seeded to developers and members of Apple’s public beta testing program.

Paper airplanes have been around forever. But how long have they been used to represent sent email? Outlook 2016 now uses a paper airplane as the sent email icon, Apple Mail uses it as the sent email icon, and Gmail on iOS uses a paper airplane icon that you tap on to send your email.

AppleInsider takes a look at what an Apple social network would look like. No, not like Ping or any of Apple’s other failed social experiments, but a true, ad-free, premium social network. Maybe Apple doesn’t get social, maybe it already has a somewhat-closed social network in iMessage.

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