Tuesday Morning News

The latest from Apple’s supply chain claims every iPhone will have an OLED display by 2019. To be specific, that’s every new iPhone sold, not that it wouldn’t be nice for Apple to retroactively upgrade iPhone LCDs to OLED counterparts. At least one of the new iPhones this year will feature an OLED display, with 60 million OLED panels accounting for around 40% of the total manufacturing run.

Apple will be opening up WWDC scholarships on March 27, and for the first time, an WWDC scholarship will also include lodging for the event’s duration. Those wishing to apply need to be over 13, enrolled in part or full-time study, or a member or alumni of a STEM organisation, with winners notified by April 21.

A below-the-line offer sees some Asian telcos offer the iPhone 6 in a gold 32GB model. 9to5Mac points out that Apple never sold a 32GB iPhone 6 before, as the device was only sold in 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB variations, so the existence of a gold 32GB model is something out of the ordinary.

A new Apple store will be opening up in Germany, with the Schildergasse store set to open on March 25. It’ll be Cologne’s second Apple store, with the first being at Rhein Center.

In an interview with Recode, former Apple retail boss Ron Johnson talks about what it was like to introduce the concept of Genius Bars to Steve Jobs. At first, Jobs hated the idea, saying that it was idiotic and he’d never met someone who knew technology and how to connect with people. As it turns out, these days Apple stores hire for people skills, not technology knowledge. Or so I’ve heard.

How-To Geek tells us about the folders you can safely exclude from a Time Machine backup. There’s obvious candidates, such as your Steam library that you can always re-download later on, your DropBox or other file-syncing service, as well as your virtual machines, but I had no idea that you could exclude things like your System folder without things going completely off the rails.

A selection of some great Dock-related tips from TidBits tells us how to master the dock, from the regular stuff like hovering over an app to see its name, to the not-so-obvious stuff like the contextual menus that appear when dock items are clicked on.

Adobe Lightroom for iOS has been updated with an improved HDR capture mode that uses HDR with Adobe’s DNG raw file format. Adobe says their HDR mode captures better quality HDR photos than the built-in HDR capture on iPhones, which apply noise reduction and other adjustments that lower the overall quality of the image.

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you can connect up your Joy-Con and Pro controllers to your Mac. They’re just Bluetooth devices, after all, but due to them being non iOS-certified, they won’t with your iOS device or your Apple TV. I mean, you have a Switch.

The Verge tells us about Egg Inc, a game which seems to be mostly about egg farming. But it’s basically endless, and there’s a surprising amount of depth to this mobile game that you might not have egg-spected.

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