Friday Morning News

A teardown of the fifth-generation iPad shows us that it’s very similar to the original iPad Air, at least in terms of internals and construction. While the specs of the fifth-generation iPad are exactly the same as the iPad Air 2, there are very subtle differences between the two models, making it difficult to tell the difference unless you know what to look for. Notably, the fifth-generation iPad lacks a fully laminated display with anti-reflective coating, making it slightly heavier and thicker than its iPad Air predecessors.

One analyst is comparing this year’s un-released and un-announced iPhone to the just-announced Samsung Galaxy S8, saying that the screen on the iPhone will be slightly less curved, and slightly less edge-to-edge than the “infinity” display Samsung has put on the S8. Like the Galaxy S8, it’s widely expected that this year’s iPhone will retail for more than US $1000, pushing the price well above $1,300 Australian dollarydoos.

MacRumors reports Apple will soon be eliminating business and event-related positions at its Retail stores. Business Managers, Business Event Leads, Events Coordinators, and Events Leads will soon be gone from Apple Retail locations. The removal of these business-related positions will put pressure on stores to make up the 20% of sales usually brought in by business customers, with Apple’s suggested alternative speculated to be specialist business partners.

Also in the list of iOS 10.3 fixes is a fix for the bug that allowed iPhones to dial 911 repeatedly. An iOS developer in Arizona was arrested after he discovered and published code online that would cause an iPhone to dial emergency services, causing an emergency response system to be overwhelmed with 100 hang-up calls in minutes.

If you’ve been thinking about picking up USB-C adapters or LG’s UltraFine 5K display, today is the last day you can do so at a discount. It’s probably not a bad idea if you’re thinking about purchasing a new Mac laptop in the next few months.

9to5Mac tells us how to embed Keynote presentations in blogs and websites with the latest iWork update. While embeds present well on webpages, you lose any kind of interactivity, effects, and transitions you might have setup in your slides. Embedding Keynote documents into any website is also possible, once you get the raw iFrame element.

The Mac Observer says you can close all of your running apps at once on iOS. I was pretty sure that bringing up the “slide to power off” screen and then holding down the home button only closed the app you were in, but perhaps it closes all apps if you do it from the home screen. Not that you should be doing this anyway, given that it has no significant impact on your battery life.

Over at Quora, a question about the most useless beautiful engineering features of Apple devices reminds us why we use Apple devices in the first place.

AppleInsider tells us about the power that Apple Notes hides behind a veneer of simplicity. Apple Notes is low-key one of the best default note-taking apps to come bundled with any platform, but people still seem drawn to alternatives like Evernote or OneNote.

If you’re looking for something to play this weekend, look no further than TouchArcade’s latest list of App Store releases. There’s plenty of cookie-cutter clones of prexisting titles, but maybe you’ll find something you like. My personal recommendation is Dice Wars, which appears to have an iOS release after all this time.

Notable Replies

  1. Isn’t there a bump from the A8X to the A9 leaving it a step behind the A10 in the iPhone 7.

    Is the plan here to have the iPad Pro on current gen CPU’s (assuming an update soon??) with the iPad being a gen behind and the iPad Mini being a gen behind that (Which is sad for people who simply prefer for the form factor)??

    So for now it looks something like this if I have all my A’s in order:

    IPhone 7 = A10
    iPhone 6S = A9
    iPad (5th Gen) = A9
    iPad Pro = A9X
    iPad Air 2 = A8X
    iPhone 6 = A8
    iPad Mini 4 = A8

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