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The far likelier scenario for this year’s iPhones is that they will come with a USB-C charging cable, with a Lightning port on the phone end. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the addition of USB-C on the charger side means that Apple will be able to provide the fast charging feature offered by USB-C, just like it already does on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Apple’s new HomeKit page has a short video showing off the advantages of having HomeKit-compatible lights, thermostats, locks, and window blinds. The page includes links to HomeKit-compatible products, which may or may not be available in different countries, as well as upcoming products that have just been announced. It’s a good overview of what is still mostly a niche technology.

Business Insider claims Apple has over 1,000 people working on AR in Israel. They speculate that a new feature may appear on this year’s iPhone, following Apple’s acquisition of Isareli companies and Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments on how AR is going to be a bigger thing than VR.

Apple SVP of Retail, Angela Ahrendts, will be speaking at the Global Retailing Conference next month in Tucson, Arizona.

Apple’s third major lawsuit against Qualcomm has been filed in the UK, following similar lawsuits against the company in the US and China. Details are still pretty thin on the ground, but Bloomberg is saying that this lawsuit seems to be about patents and designs, with Qualcomm also in the firing line for charging royalties on technology they supposedly “have nothing to do with”.

Along with 52 other companies, Apple has signed a Supreme Court brief supporting a transgender boy’s right to use whichever bathroom he chooses. Apple was joined by other companies like Salesforce, Twitter, Airbnb, Intel, PayPal, and more in the brief from the nonprofit Human Rights Campaign organisation.

Meanwhile, Apple shareholders have overwhelmingly rejected a proposal for increased diversity of Apple leadership. Just over 95% of Apple shareholders voted against the proposal, which would have seen accelerated recruitment to further diversify Apple’s senior management and board of directors.

In their continuing iPad Diaries series, MacStories tells us about iPad notetaking with the Apple Pencil. Unlike yesterday’s post on the subject, this time around the app of choice is Notability, with Federico Viticci preferring the ink engine and palm rejection of Notability over other popular iPad note-taking apps.

Macworld’s Jason Snell says there are still improvements to be had before iOS becomes a true productivity platform. Multitasking features in the latest versions of iPads were a good start, but how about support for drag and drop?

Apple has declared the second-generation Apple TV obsolete, and it’s the most recent product on this round of vintage and obsolete products.

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  1. I wonder what percentage of the userbase uses only the included power adaptor making the switch a little more seamless… For the rest of us, a USB-C cable is sort of useless. Or would we also get a female USBC to male USB cable inside the box??

    Personally, I have lots of lightning cables floating around the house because we have lots of devices and would likely keep using those (maybe foregoing fast charging completely)… although I’d dearly love faster data transfer rates while syncing but unless they give us a USB3 to lightning cable I’m probably out of luck (and I don’t see that happening with USBC being a thing).

    One day…

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