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For all of its pixels and the convenience of being able to connect it to your new MacBook Pro using a single USB-C cable, the LG UltraFine 5K display has a flaw where it can become unusable when placed within two metres of a wireless router. 9to5Mac says using the UltraFine 5K any closer to a Wi-Fi router can result in the display disconnecting from the laptop, and in some cases even freezing the laptop, requiring a reboot. LG has acknowledged the issue, and recommended that users position the display away from sources of interference.

Siri’s latest features help fans prepare for the Super Bowl by answering trivia questions about the event, teams, or players. Siri on the Apple TV can also be used to watch the Super Bowl live, although I’m a little less sure of how that feature works (i.e. whether it requires a specific app) or whether it’s even available outside the US.

The iOS 10.3 beta re-introduces the dialog box when launching 32-bit apps that warns about performance issues. This time around, the same dialog box has also updated its wording to say that the app will not work with future versions of iOS, prompting speculation Apple will be forcing 64-bit apps only in a future iOS update.

Now that the first developer beta of watchOS 3.2 is out, the Theater Mode toggle can be accessed by swiping up to bring up the Apple Watch Control Centre. MacRumors goes hands-on with Theater Mode, which keeps the screen dark even when you raise your wrist, delivering notifications via haptic feedback.

MacRumors also offers some possible explanation for the removal of Apple’s iCloud Activation Lock checker. It’s possible that abuse of the tool to confirm valid serial numbers is why it was removed, and there’s also the unsolved mystery of devices becoming locked to completely unknown Apple IDs.

Today’s Apple support article is the one on how to fasten your Apple Watch band, which provides some guidance on correctly tightening your Apple Watch band. There’s different methods depending on which Apple Watch band you have, with a note at the bottom about the nickel content of Apple Watch.

If you want to use voice controls with your AirPods without an internet connection, the first thing you’ll have to do is revert to using Siri’s predecessor, Voice Control. Once you’ve done that, Voice Control’s limited set of pre-programmed commands will work just fine without an internet connection.

New York company BlackPods will turn your AirPods black for US $99 if you already have a pair of AirPods, or $249 if you buy your AirPods directly from them. I can understand if you want to use something like Colorware to change the colour of your laptop, but as cool as black AirPods would look, it seems a little pricey.

IDownloadBlog has the various use-cases for sharing things with AirDrop. I’d imagine that most people use AirDrop to share photos, but as it turns out, you can share all kinds of things between devices.

Apple’s latest ad campaign for the iPhone enlisted photographers from around the world, using their iPhone 7 to capture moments from dusk till dawn. The night-time photography really emphasised the low-light performance of the iPhone 7 camera, and the resulting shots will be displayed in 25 countries starting yesterday.

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  1. Looks like the link in the last paragraph is incorrect…

  2. Looks like you’re right. Fixed, thanks!

  3. Seriously? A display that won’t work within 2m of a wireless router? Pretty clear that no decent testing was done when that was brought to market.

    Given how common wireless routers are you’d think at least one of the usage/testing environments would have found this (not insignificant) issue - shame on you LG (and possibly Apple as well since surely they test gear that they want to recommend and sell)

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