Thursday Morning News

Apple Park — Apple’s name for its new campus, including the “spaceship” building, will be ready for employees to begin occupying beginning in April. Announced via press release, Apple will be moving 12,000 people into the building will take over six months, with construction expected to continue well into the Northern Hemisphere summer. The Steve Jobs Theater will open later this year, capable of seating 1,000 people with the entrance located inside the glass cylinder overlooking the main building.

Apple has quietly purchased, which was previously used for a small Asian social network. It seems unlikely that Apple will be doing anything with the domain name besides maybe adding some kind of redirect, but as for the social network, it has announced that it will be shutting down by the end of the month.

Macworld tells us about the existence of poorly-designed Mac ransomware which appears to have no way to decrypt files, even if victims pay the ransom. OSX/Filecoder.E masquerades as a cracking tool for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Microsoft Office for Mac, so the best way to keep yourself safe is not download dodgy stuff from the internet.

Miscellaneous keyboard issues are plaguing owners of Apple’s latest MacBook Pros. It’s unknown whether this is a result of construction inconsistencies based on the new butterfly mechanism of the keyboards, but many users are experiencing non-functional keys, high-pitched sounds on some keys, and keys with a non-uniform feel.

Cnet tells us about 26 Apple TV tips, most of which let you do something that you might not have thought possible. It’s worth a skim through if you’re an Apple TV owner.

The Omni Group has announced a lower-cost version of OmniOutliner. OmniOutliner Essentials is designed to be a more lightweight version of OmniOutliner, carrying a reduced feature set and a smaller price to match. Omni positions it in their blog post as putting the focus back onto your own content, without all the distractions of side panels or other add-ons.

Analytics data tells us that the average US iPhone owner spent $40 in App Store purchases last year, which seems well within the realm of possibility.

An update to Logic Pro X improves the sharing experience with GarageBand for iOS as well as bringing the usual bug fixes.

Early reactions to Apple’s Planet of the Apps TV series was mostly negative, saying it represented Apple’s shifting direction and clearly showed where its priorities lay. But it will show off the realities of app development, even if slightly commercialised for a wider audience, and maybe that’s important.

This morning’s tip comes from 2014, where David Smith shows about invisible home screen icons to create blank spaces or rows. Check back tomorrow for a truly dark home screen!

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