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The latest on the iPhone front is that this year’s iPhone will not include a wireless charger, USB-C to Lightning, or headphone jack adapter in the box. The 5-inch model rumoured to be released alongside the 4.7 and 5.5-inch models will be the one with the OLED display and glass casing, with wireless charging coming as an optional extra.

In an interview with the Australian Financial Review, Apple Pay global chief Jennifer Bailey says that Apple is so confident about its mobile payments system that customers are willing to switch banks to use it. Bailey accuses the Australian banks who haven’t joined of “paying lip service to acting in the best interests of their customers”, labelling the banks’ resistance to working with Apple as detrimental to the conversation that would normally happen between Apple and the banks.

The good news is, even if there are still members of the Big Four that haven’t signed up to Apple Pay in Australia, ING Direct and Macquarie Bank will soon be on board the Apple Pay train by the end of the month. Together, ING and Macquarie represent just 3% of the Australian market, but it’s another two names in the Apple Pay basket.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was interviewed by The Independent at the ustwo studio, who you might know because of Monument Valley. Cook spoke about developer success stories that were enabled by the App Store, as well as the importance of coding with languages like Swift, and how augmented reality is a big idea like the smartphone.

Owners of the matte black iPhone have complained about chipping issues, where the black paint appears to flake right off the aluminium. The issue mostly occurs on the back or on the sides of the device, with reports saying that the chipping starts weeks after purchase. For now, Apple says that it’s an uncovered (by warranty) cosmetic flaw.

One of the features that the Apple Watch doesn’t have is the ability to track sleep, at least not out of the box. 9to5Mac has a guide on how you can do just that with some carefully chosen third-party apps.

Techpinions writes that one of the unique selling points of Apple’s AirPods is magic, at least the kind of magic pairing process that instantly removes any previous pain from attempting to pair Bluetooth devices. AirPods aren’t perfect, but ask those that have owned them, and they’ll say that they’re the best product Apple has released in years.

David Pogue tells us about the secret trackpad on the iPhone 6s and 7. Pretty much everyone who has used Force Touch or 3D Touch knows about pressing hard on the keyboard to move the cursor, but a further hard press also lets you select text — twice to select a sentence, and three times to select an entire paragraph.

Dan Benjamin has published a recommended list of hardware for building a Hackintosh capable of running macOS Sierra and whatever flavour of Windows and/or Linux that you choose. It’s designed for those who don’t want to get into the nitty gritty of choosing their own parts and trying to get them to work with macOS, but still want to install a slightly different OS on unsupported hardware.

The latest Apple ad tells Apple Watch owners to “close your rings” by getting active.

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