Friday Morning News

Everyone’s favourite analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says all three new iPhones this year will feature wireless charging. As wireless charging will increase the internal temperature of the device, a special “graphite sheet lamination” will be used for 3D Touch, which is also expected to drive up the cost by about $5 per device, which will translate to a higher overall cost.

A Microsoft Word file has been discovered to distribute Mac malware via macros. It’s been labelled as a crude version of similar macro-downloaded malware on Windows, where macros have long been used as a vector for downloading and executing code on machines under the pretence of legitimate documents.

Software company Elcomsoft was able to retrieve supposedly deleted browser history from devices dating back to more than a year ago. Extracting the data provided Elcomsoft with URLs viewable in plain text, pointing to some kind of privacy issue within iCloud. Further investigation revealed that this supposedly deleted browsing history was the result of Apple keeping synced Safari history around for longer than it needed to — the issue has since been resolved.

A longer video of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s speech at the University of Glasgow tells us about Cook’s words on the Apple Pencil, immigration, and how Steve Jobs’ philosophy is still very much alive at Apple.

John Gruber’s thoughts on Apple’s capital return program speculate on which might have happened if Apple acquired some smaller companies, in the context of Apple’s growing cash stockpile. Facebook probably wouldn’t have been a good fit, but Netflix or Instagram might have been if the timing was right. It’s true that Apple acquires a lot more companies than we know about, but Gruber says that Apple needs to invent their future, not buy it.

Apple’s Pro Apps Bundle for Education is now available in Australia, following the launch of the bundle in 35 countries outside of the US. The US $199 bundle will set you back $299 Australian pesos, which isn’t bad when you consider that Final Cut Po X will set you back $499 by itself.

A new patent application tells us about a mesh-like elastomer which could be used as a stretchable display. It’s possible that it could be used in a future product that features a bendable display, otherwise it’s equally as likely that we’ll never see a product like this.

The second beta of macOS 10.12.4 has been seeded to developers.

Over at Macworld, Jason Snell discusses the future of the iPad, and how it’s looking bright despite iPad sales overall lagging behind the iPhone. Ten years from now, it’s not hard to see people using tablets like the iPad, instead of computers like the Mac.

When you buy BeatsX headphones this weekend (if you can find some in stock), you’ll also get three free months of Apple Music. It’s Apple’s way of apologising for the delay, according to The Verge.

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  1. Apple has seeded the 10.12.4 beta 2 to public beta testers as of yesterday morning.

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