Wednesday Morning News

A rumoured iPhone 6 battery exchange program has been denied by Apple. Japanese website Macotakara was the first to suspect Apple would be starting up a battery replacement program for the iPhone 6, but Apple later released a statement saying that there were no plans or grounds for an iPhone 6 battery replacement program at this time.

Apple has announced a 25% price hike for App Store prices in the UK, following the pound setting a record 31-year low. With the 20% VAT added on top, App Store prices in the UK will be exactly the same as their US counterparts. If we’re blaming anything, we should be blaming Britain’s exit from the EU.

The latest note from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there will be new 15-inch MacBook Pros out later this year, featuring Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors and 32GB of RAM. New models of Apple’s 12-inch MacBook with Kaby Lake processors will also be released this year, which will feature up to 16GB of RAM, double the current 8GB max. Are speed bumps back on the menu? We’ll see.

It’s possible Apple’s AirPods have a hugely overestimated market share, due to the way Slice only collects online sales data. NPD says the market share of AirPods is probably closer to 2-3%, once brick-and-mortar sales are taken into account. Beats leads the way in terms of overall market share though, so it’s not all bad news for Apple.

It seems kind of silly to look at AirPods for use on a plane, and especially silly again to compare them to an entirely different class of headphones like the noise-cancelling Bose QC35s. But that’s what 9to5Mac did anyway, and somehow, they came out of it saying that AirPods are the preferred travel earphones? I mean, noise-cancelling aside, at least you can use the Bose when they’re out of juice.

Apple has released a supplemental security update for OS X El Capitan, fixing an issue with the kernel that could cause some Macs to freeze up and become unresponsive. Apple Security Update 2016-003 was originally released back on December 13, but has been re-released today.

Six Colors makes the case for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. There’s less than an inch difference between the rumoured 10.5-inch model and the current 9.7-inch iPad Pro, but maybe that will make all the difference when it comes to using a slightly bigger iPad that’s about the same as two iPad minis, side by side.

We haven’t heard about many apps that support Siri, and indeed, it seems like there are almost no apps that do. AppleInsider points out some of the apps that include support for Apple’s personal assistant, which includes apps like Uber, WhatsApp, PayPal, and… Pinterest? Sure, OK.

Evernote’s latest iOS app is out, and MacStories writes that it’s a major overhaul of what was, at least once upon a time, a crowd favourite. Evernote’s new app is focused on faster ways to find notes, making it super fast to create new notes, and the ability to add colour and style to your notes.

Business Insider has the look back at the first 10 Apple employees in a “where-are-they-now” style. Not all of them were as high profile as either Steve Wozniak or Steve Jobs, but there’s still a name or two that I recognise — and one is even still at Apple.

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