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Thanks to the Apple rumour mill, we knew about a lot of things before they were officially announced by Apple. MacRumors’ roundup of the biggest leaks from 2016 tells us about all the significant updates to Apple product lines that were known ahead of time, with rumours coming from both the hardware side, via software, and even from patents.

With speculation saying the AirPods charging case was to blame for the delay, some AirPods owners are reporting excessive battery drain from the charging case. In some cases, the AirPods charging case will drop by as much as 50% battery capacity overnight, when in fact they should only be losing charge when recharging the AirPods.

The Verge has a short wish list for the next version of Apple AirPods. Topping the list is a better Siri experience, which makes sense that Siri is one of the primary interaction methods for Apple’s wireless earbuds. A different design would also go a long way for those that find the overall EarPods-style design uncomfortable or impossible to wear, as well as on-board controls.

Speaking of wish lists, Macworld’s Jason Snell has a few wishes for this year’s iPhone. Now that we’ve pretty much reached “peak iPhone”, there isn’t anything that this year’s iPhone desperately needs. But Apple might as well slap a better screen and a better camera on it anyway, just so they can say they did.

An Apple promo celebrates the upcoming Chinese New Year by giving customers a free pair of Beats Solo3 wireless headphones with every eligible Mac or iPhone purchase. The promo will run in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore on January 6th.

PDF issues with macOS Sierra 10.12.2 appear to stem from Apple’s decision to re-write the PDF-handling software in macOS. Many third-party PDF-related developers have expressed their frustration at the changes Apple have made which have broken major features seemingly overnight.

A number of leaked documents show the kind of data that’s possible to extract from an unencrypted device. Cellebrite’s forensics tool is able to successfully transfer basic system information, calendar entries, voicemails, call logs, cookies, locations, notes, and more.

9to5Mac goes hands-on with the Apple-endorsed LG UltraFine 5K display, which Apple positions as the ideal external display for MacBook Pro owners. It doesn’t have as many ports as some displays, but there’s no faulting the display quality, and there’s even a Mac app for window management on all those pixels.

MacStories has a review of Workouts++ from David Smith, which lets you quickly start a workout but also add the customisation features to personalise the workout to your own fitness and activity levels. The displayed statistics on the Apple Watch during your workout are also great, and at the end Workouts++ will even give you pretty graphs showing how well you did.

Apple’s Go Swim Apple Watch ad was released just in time for the Christmas and New Year holidays, and tells the story of the gift of go.

Notable Replies

  1. AVC says:

    In my experience it seems to be always the people who have a hugely negative view of Apple that are having all these problems.

    I can’t say I’ve encountered any huge bugs or disappearing emails ever shrugs

  2. Of course, the minority of people with problems always drown out the people with no problems because people who have things working correctly don’t whinge about it.

    ‘widely-reported’ on the Internet means NOTHING. There are so many people on the Internet, even a small percentage of them with the same issue seems like a lot of people.

    Most of any problems I had with were caused by Gmail’s crappy IMAP implementation. I needed to seriously tweak’s preferences to contend with Gmail. No such issues with Apple’s iCloud email service…

  3. I could argue that you clearly don’t know how to use a Mac and should immediately migrate to Windows, since you have so little trouble with that.

    I’m quite sick of being referred to as part of an Apple cult, simply because my Macs work and yours don’t. It seems to be the fallback position of so many apple critics.

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