Wednesday Morning News

hkn62The ACCC has issued a draft decision regarding Australian banks collectively boycotting Apple Pay, and it doesn’t look good for the banks. CBA, NAB, Westpac, and Bendigo Bank have previously said they would like to collectively bargain with Apple, but the ACCC says it doesn’t believe “the benefits of the effort would outweigh the likely detriments to competition” according to iTnews. While the final decision won’t be made by the ACCC until March, all signs currently point towards the ACCC denying the banks’ request.

It’s no secret that the iPhone 6 sold very well, perhaps better than even Apple had anticipated. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says sales of next year’s iPhone will sell more units than the iPhone 6, with wireless charging on both models as well as an OLED display expected to be the major features.

For a limited time yesterday, LG’s UltraFine 5K Display was available on Apple’s online store. Although units weren’t expected to ship for another 6-8 weeks, you could at least order the thing. Now, Apple’s store page for the display says it will be available in December. Meanwhile, there’s still no sign of Apple’s own AirPods.

Apple has started an unofficial refund program for customers who paid for iMac hinge repairs. Certain models of late 2012 and late 2013 models of iMac, shipped between December 2012 and July 2014 may have experienced an issue where the hinge would fail, causing the machine to tilt downwards. It’s been suggested that the plastic washers used in the hinge were to blame for the failure, although note that there’s no official repair program, just refunds for customers who previously paid for repairs.

Apple’s first Siri tie-in to coincide with a movie release is one that lets you ask the personal assistant about what your pets do when you’re not at home. A video shared by the iTunes Facebook page gives us a preview of Siri’s responses to the question “what do my pets do when I’m not at home”.

How-To Geek says that the Mac App Store is full of scams, but this isn’t an problem that just affects the Mac App Store. App Store scams are rampant on both platforms, and it’s a massive blow to consumer confidence when using the Apple approved and vetted App Store for finding new apps. For the record, you can’t buy any of the Microsoft Office apps on the Mac App Store.

Google has released its photos screensaver for Mac, which cycles through featured photos from the Google Plus community.

Panic has decided to discontinue Status Board. Their blog post explains that sales weren’t enough to sustain development, which is always something disappointing you see happening to quality apps. For the most part, Status Board will continue to work, and the final update features full compatibility with iOS 10 and even fixes a few bugs.

OS X Daily tells us how to take screenshots of the Touch Bar on new MacBook Pros via a keyboard shortcut.

Jean-Louise Gassée says the Macintosh would rank 123rd on the Fortune 500 list if it were a separate company, although Apple’s recent strategy of introducing new features at the high end could be interpreted as milking a declining business. Maybe one day Apple will produce an ARM-based Mac that will enable them to reinvigorate the lineup totally, but until that day comes, the fantastic profitability of iOS far outweighs any perceived importance of the Mac.

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