Thursday Morning News

jffwspkpqvpfbp1tA teardown of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar shows us the internals of Apple’s latest portable. Surprisingly, it’s quite a bit different compared to the MacBook Pro Escape, as there’s a vastly different logic board layout and a soldered-on SSD. There’s also speaker grilles that appear to be purely cosmetic, and it should come as no surprise that the Touch Bar proved difficult to extract.

Apple’s latest product is Designed by Apple in California, a 300-page book of 450 photographs of Apple products from the last 20 years. Besides including shots of the products themselves, there’s also shots of tools and the processes used to make the aluminium shell on the Mac Mini, or the Product Red leather iPhone case. It’s available in two different sizes, retailing for $289 or $429 in Australia for the small and large sizes. Delivery times have slipped to next Monday, otherwise if you’re in Sydney you may be able to get a look at the book this weekend.

Speaking of Australian Apple stores, The Age claims Apple will be putting $50 million on the table to open the long-rumoured Melbourne CBD location. Federation Square is the supposed site Apple has chosen, although it’s not known which building Apple will be replacing. As pointed out some in our forums, the article says there are currently three Apple stores in Victoria, when there are in fact five.

Apple’s list of banks and credit unions supporting Apple Pay has been updated, and now there’s a bunch of new entries for Australia. A number of credit unions have been added under Australia, with a few smaller banks also represented on the list.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says next year’s iPhone will come in three different models. The 4.7-inch model will come with an LCD display with a single camera, while you’ll be able to get the 5.5-inch model in both LCD and OLED models, both with dual cameras. But it’s still way too early to know for sure, and any speculation at this point is just that.

The latest AirPods release date rumour claims we’ll see Apple’s wireless headphones next month. Now would be a great time for Apple to release the AirPods, seeing as Apple purchases between now and December 25 can be returned through to January 8.

Apple has started removing old and abandoned apps from the App Store. TechCrunch reports 47,300 apps were removed from the App Store in October, a figure that’s three times higher than the previous monthly average for removed apps. Unsurprisingly, the “games” category was the hardest hit, accounting for close to a third of total removals.

Google’s latest app is PhotoScan, and the idea is that you can use it to get digital copies of your old-school printed photos. Preliminary testing from Six Colors tells us that it’s good, but not great, proving once again that it’s a case of you get what you pay for.

Following on from the success of AI-powered Prisma, Primitive for macOS aims to do a similar thing to your photos. Well, kinda — where Prisma applied effects to your photos, Primitive turns your photo into a series of primitives shapes, leading to some pretty cool renditions depending on what options you choose. And because the output varies even if the original photo doesn’t change, you can make still images come to life with a few different frames.

Nintendo has announced a price and release date for Super Mario Run, as shown off by Apple in September. Launching December 15, Super Mario Run will cost US $10, which lines up to the $15 price tier in Australia. There will also be a free demo available.

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