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sgl3hkgsxcqszagfA new repair program for the iPhone 6 Plus charges $228.95 to repair your device, fixing an issue where the display can become non-responsive to touch input. Apple says the issue is caused by the device being dropped multiple times, which incurs stress on the device and can cause both display flickering and touch failure.

The upsized trackpad on the late 2016 MacBook Pro is having issues with the three-finger drag gesture, with many reports saying that the gesture does not work at all. Speculation says it has something to do with palm rejection on the larger trackpad, with the issue affecting both the MacBook Pro Escape and Touch Bar-equipped models.

Recode reports that Apple is limiting the performance of the Qualcomm modem inside the CDMA model iPhone 7, in order to keep it on par with Intel’s modem in the GSM version. While you probably won’t notice the difference in the real world, it’s hard to know whether throttling the Qualcomm chip impedes the device in scenarios where performance would be otherwise bad.

With the McLaren CEO confirming that there were talks between his company and Apple, Reuters says the talks never matured into anything definitive. It appears as though both companies were merely in discussions about what the two companies did, rather than talks of a potential acquisition.

Apple SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi has said in an email to a customer that Apple has every intent on supporting great automation technologies within macOS. The news comes after the departure of longtime automation evangelist Sal Soghoian.

Over at MacStories, Stephen Hackett writes about the in-between Macs. There’s plenty of variation in the Mac lineup at the moment, but it’s nothing to be overly concerned about as we enter a transition period between the current era of Macs and whatever’s next.

9to5Mac speculates about the possibility of Apple resurrecting a licensing program for macOS, just like it had in the bad old days between Jobs returned to the company. They say that allowing third-parties to innovate on desktop hardware would mean that hopefully we don’t get into a position where the Mac Pro and Mac mini rest on their laurels, but instead keep up with the Joneses and are regularly updated.

Macworld’s Jason Snell covers troubleshooting some Safari malware, including the steps taken to remove the errant software.

Firefox Focus is a new iOS web browser from Mozilla that bills itself as a fast, private, web-browsing experience. It comes with built-in blockers for many web-based tracking technologies, and is fairly minimal in that it provides no tabs, menus, or pop-ups.

Apple’s Bulbs is the ad that shows off the MacBook Pro. Pretty pretentious of Apple to position the Touch Bar as an idea to push the world forward, if you ask me.

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