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exolens-zeiss-100691472-largeApple says their AirPods need a little more time, so rumours have production starting in December in limited quantities. A research note from UK bank Barclays is the source of the production rumour, and if true, could mean a January launch for Apple’s hottest new wearable — if you can call wireless earphones wearables.

Rumours about the next iPhone says it will feature no bezel around the display and come in both 5 and 5.8-inch flavours. This one also comes from Barclays, who are now apparently also in the business of Apple rumours now. Either way, it’s expected Apple will be making changes to the iPhone design next year.

And if the iPhone is getting a larger display, then so is the iPad. At least according to Barclays, who released their third rumour over the weekend saying new iPads are launching in March. Along with the 9.7 and 12.9-inch models currently available, it’s possible Apple will also release a 10.5-inch model to cover the middle ground, possibly even in the same chassis as the current 9.7-inch model but removing the bezel and integrating the Touch ID home button into the display.

Apple’s latest app is iBooks StoryTime, a US-only app for the Apple TV that is aimed at young children with its read-aloud narration. MacStories says there’s additional books available for purchase within the app, which include a mix of both classics and newer titles.

The New York Times is saying there’s something going on in the iOS App Store. An increase in fraudulent apps ahead of the holiday season is something you may wish to be aware of, lest you find yourself buying a new pair of shoes that never arrive.

Apple has begun hiring staff for its move into the Apple Campus 2. The move is currently slated for next year pending successful completion of the building, and advertised jobs include a “Loading Dock Master” position, responsible for loading and delivery operations within the new campus.

The Verge’s Dieter Bohn has lived the dongle-filled life that currently comes with USB-C port ownership, and he thinks that it’s great that gadgets will one day use a single port to connect to computers, much like they do now. But as much as you’ll hate owning dongles for a year or two, eventually all of your devices will plug straight into your new laptop.

Macworld tested a bunch of iPhone camera lens accessories for the iPhone 6 and 6s on Friday and over the weekend, and their roundup post lists the best of them.

If you’ve been looking for a GUI tool to help you manage long-running processes in macOS, Marathono might be just what you were after. It’s probably better than maintaining multiple sessions/tabs in Terminal, although work as well, I guess.

The latest update for 1Password on macOS includes support for the new Touch Bar and Touch ID on the MacBook Pro.

Notable Replies

  1. iMac says:

    Has there ever been a precedent where Apple has released an iPad with ‘groundbreaking’ technology before the iPhone?

  2. Depends what you consider as ground-breaking, but there’s been a couple in recent memory.

    True Tone Display
    Apple Pencil
    iPad Smart Connector

    There may be other features that I’ve missed.

  3. Not groundbreaking, but, Landscape Springboard UI

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