Tuesday Morning News

iphone-security-tethers-removedThere’s a new version of iOS out, but only for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. The iOS 10.0.3 update fixes issues with mobile data connectivity, after users in the US reported dropouts in mobile data on Verizon, with some devices dropping back to 3G from LTE or losing data connectivity altogether. Similar issues have been reported by AT&T subscribers as well as users in China, so here’s hoping the update changes something.

Bloomberg is saying Apple’s secret car project has hit major roadblocks, and is currently in the process of re-focusing. The pivot sees Apple move away from making their own car to developing an autonomous driving system that would allow it to partner with an existing manufacturer. Things haven’t been finalised yet — the team has until late next year to make a final decision on the direction they will take — but perhaps this time around Apple bit off more than they could chew.

Quartz reports how Apple files trademarks in Jamaica before filing for them in the US, in order to try and prevent giving away too much to competitors. It has to do with how there’s no searchable database for trademarks in Jamaica, unlike the US, and filing for and getting a trademark in another country also lets Apple get their trademark in the US easier.

Now that there are no security tethers on iPhones, Apple has a special feature in its demo version of iOS. A kill-switch renders the device inoperable once it leaves the confines of the Apple store, and unlike Find My iPhone, it’s activated automatically once the device senses it has left the store. Contrary to popular opinion, Apple stores also have HD CCTV cameras, they’re just hard to see.

The fourth beta of iOS 10.1 has been released to developers and members of public beta testers, and we’ve got to be getting close to a public release now.

Apple has hired Russ Salakhutdinov, former professor at Carnegie Mellon University and now Apple’s AI Research team director. It’s expected Salakhutdinov will work towards improving Siri, in order to keep ahead in the AI game.

Apple CEO Tim Cook says they’ll be building a very different kind of R&D centre in Japan. The Japan facility will feature “deep engineering” for machine learning, for Cook’s eventual vision that Apple’s AI tech will be included across all of its products.

Macworld reviews Disk Drill 3, a basic file recovery tool that also supports iOS devices.

With a little know-how, you can change the login screen background in macOS provided you know where the login image is stored.

Stephen Hackett tells us about the places Apple’s OS X branding lives on, in lieu of Apple changing the name from Mac OS X to just macOS.

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