Tuesday Morning News

Apple Maps public transport MelbourneJust quietly, Apple Maps now includes support for public transport in Melbourne. Previously the system supported public transport methods in Sydney, but now Melbourne gets the same treatment. Our discussion topic says there are people that are using it with CarPlay, but surely it’s more of a nice-to-have feature than something you’ll be using over the very-good third-party alternatives.

A review of the iPhone 7 from MacStories focuses on the potential greatness of being able to not only capture a wider colour gamut, but also display it. Federico Viticci also writes about how the removal of the headphone jack is mostly compensated for by better wireless audio tech in the W1 chip, and there’s also a few paragraphs about how the new taptic engine makes it so you can feel apps.

While the second Apple v Samsung case has now reached a verdict (as discussed in yesterday’s morning news), the first Apple vs Samsung case is still being tried. At the heart of it, Samsung is battling how much of $548 million they will be required to pay Apple for infringing on Apple’s iPhone design on 11 Samsung devices. The case is headed to the US Supreme Court, who will decide via the correct legal process whether Samsung infringed on “Slide to unlock”.

The third beta of iOS 10.1 has been seeded to developers, and you can bet there’s a release for members of Apple’s public beta testing program just around the corner.

Speaking to The Loop, an Apple spokesperson says they found almost 1,000 fraudulent reviews across two accounts and 25 apps of the developer of Dash, which is why they removed the app and the developer’s account. Repeated attempts by Apple to work with the developer were unsuccessful, and that was that ā€” after multiple warnings, the app was removed and the developer account terminated.

Apple Watches have been banned from UK Cabinet meetings over concerns they may be hacked by people wanting to use them as listening devices. Time to cover up the microphone port on your Apple Watch with tape, people.

The Verge writes that iMessage is the accidental social network that keeps people on the iPhone. And it’s a powerful drawcard: you can get basically any app that you can on iOS on Android with a few notable exceptions, including iMessage.

Olloclip has a new set of photo lenses made with the iPhone 7 in mind. There are three different lens sets for a variety of different usage scenarios, which start at US$79.99 and should be available in your local Apple Store from November.

9to5Mac wants leniency from the activity tracking on the Apple Watch, or at least some way to have rest days or an honour system. If you’ve met your activity quotas for the previous 100 days (or more), missing your activity target is soul-destroying.

Stephen Hackett says 5GB is the new 16GB. He’s referring to the free iCloud storage tier ā€” while iCloud now stores more than it ever has before, the same 5GB storage limit applies. Sure, upgrading to 50GB is only $1.49 a month, but Apple could be a little more generous with their storage allowance in the first place.

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