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black_gray_nike_sport_large_2xWhen iOS 10 detects a potential issue with the home button on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, it displays a dialog box saying the home button may need service and offers the user a virtual alternative. Seeing as this is the first time we’ve moved to a solid-state home button, it’s a smart move on Apple’s part, but whether it foreshadows the company moving to an embedded home button in future models remains to be seen.

Apple has plans for a R&D centre in Japan. TechCrunch reports this is in line with previous rumours claiming Apple was on track for an opening sometime in 2016 or 2017. Apple’s first R&D centre in Japan will open in December this year in Yokohama, after it refurbished an existing Panasonic factory.

Apple CEO Tim Cook met with Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto during his recent trip to Japan, posting a photo with himself learning to play Super Mario Run. There’s still no firm release date for Nintendo’s first mobile iOS title beyond December this year, but it’ll be worth the wait.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Cook reiterated his position on AR being the dominant technology moving forward. While Cook says there’s no substitute for human contact, he mentions that AR can be huge. Apple has definitely acquired enough AR companies to start building something unique, with Cook also saying that VR won’t be the same broad-based technology that AR is.

The latest Apple hardware to go obsolete will be the iPhone 4, the 2010 13-inch MacBook Air, and the 2009 Time Capsule. Along with the third-generation Airport Extreme, all of the hardware listed will no longer be supported by Apple as of October 31.

While some hardware goes obsolete, Apple introduces some new stuff. The running-focused Apple Watch Nike+ will be released on October 28, according to the Apple Watch website. It’ll have some unique Nike+ branding, some exclusive watch faces, and a distinctive perforated watch strap, in addition to the regular Apple Watch Series 2 features.

Apple has started removing security tethers from iPhone display models, making the only thing keeping iPhones from walking out the door the keen-eyed security. It means you’ll be able to walk up to an iPhone, put it in your pocket to see how it feels, and then return it to its display stand when you’re done. I have to wonder if we’ll see an increase in store theft as a result.

The sole developer of 2Do has announced a number of changes to the pricing model used by the popular to-do app. The new 2Do will be free, without sync, backups, or alerts, all of which become available after an one-time in-app purchase.

It’s said Sony will be announcing five new games to hit the iOS platform by mid 2018. It’s likely Japan and other Asian countries will see releases first, with other locales getting the games later.

Six Colors wants new Mac alert sounds, and given that the current options hail from as early as System 7 and MacOS 9, can you blame them? Even the newest sounds are from 2009 — while Apple seems content to give their UI a kick in the pants every couple of years, sounds go unloved for years and no one cares.

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  1. I wouldn’t mind if Apple even used some iOS alert sounds on macOS (optimised for the platform or whatever). Consistency would be cool, and having the same message tone everywhere would probably be less jarring when three of my devices go off at once. Just a thought.

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