Friday Morning News

Prisma iconBloomberg reports Apple is planning to unify its cloud services teams to the same campus, in order to better compete with Google and Amazon. The current situation of teams being located in separate buildings means increased software bugs and slow product development; it’s hoped that having the teams within the same building will lead to increased collaboration which in turn will lead to improved cloud services.

There’s a lot being said about the removal of Dash from the App Store, including the termination of the Kapeli’s developer account. We have very little to go on, but according to Dash’s developer it’s because Apple found evidence of review manipulation, something Dash’s developer says he has never done. Over at 9to5Mac, Apple’s Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller says that the app was removed due to “repeated fraudulent activity”, whatever that means.

The latest iOS 10.1 beta restores a prompt about 32-bit apps, although this time it’s a little more heavy-handed in its wording. While the prompt used to say 32-bit apps were “not optimised for iOS 10” and “may affect system performance” during early betas of iOS 10, the new prompt says apps “may slow down your iPhone”, with a note saying that the developers of the app need to update it to improve compatibility.

Six Colors explains the difference between free space and purgeable space in macOS Sierra. The two different kinds of free space can be a little confusing, but in reality the amount of free space you have is your actual free space plus your purgeable space.

The Apple TV Remote app has a cool trick where you’ll be prompted to enter text on your Apple TV via your iPhone instead of using the Siri Remote. AppleInsider says the feature is enabled by default, so if you’ve got your iPhone nearby and Siri isn’t working as well as you want it to (or you’re looking for something specific), use your iPhone.

A side-by-side comparison of the iPhone 7 camera and a Leica M9-P shows that the iPhone lacks minor details in the close-up crops. Otherwise, it’s the best 1/3rd camera around, and the fact that it’s always with you and always connected to the internet means it’s one of the greatest cameras of our time.

The AI-powered Prisma has gotten a new trick: starting today, you’ll be able to apply Prisma’s effects to videos as well as photos. BuzzFeed took the feature for a spin, and the effect on videos is just as profound as it on photos. If you haven’t already, Prisma is well worth the look.

Typora says it’s a new minimal Markdown app for the desktop, and from the screenshots, it looks like the fully-featured Markdown editor that didn’t exist before. The version for Macs is currently in beta, but there are also versions for Linux and Windows.

A strange page appeared on Apple’s website yesterday, containing only a single image which Gruber saved. It was supposed to be for entry-level marketing positions at Apple, but it’s since been pulled with no explanation.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering: Twelve South’s New Mac Candle does smell like new Macs, just in case you needed a reminder that Apple has not released new Macs in a long, long time.

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